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Celebrating Lunar New Year in the Classroom

I LOVE celebrating Lunar New Year in my classroom! This is such an amazing holiday that stretches out over two weeks – how amazing is that?! There are so many wonderful traditions that families across the world honor and I love when my students share how their own families celebrate!

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Olympics in the Classroom

If you know me {IRL, that is!} you may know that I am slightly obsessed with the Olympics. When the Summer Olympics were in Atlanta, I remember getting a plastic torch water bottle and pretending to run around. Every Olympics thereafter, I always snagged a new shirt, pencil case, jacket,

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Winter Writing Fun in First Grade

Winter time is right around the corner, and it's time to start planning seasonal activities for your students! One of my favorite ways to incorporate seasonal fun into the classroom is through writing. Winter writing activities are especially helpful, because you are either using them right before or after a

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Movement Activities for First Grade

The school day can be tough on young students. There are long stretches of time when they must be still and quiet. It's important that we give them opportunities to move throughout the day! Being able to stand and move, even for a few seconds, can improve focus, creativity, and

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Sight Word Activities for First Grade

Sight word mastery is one of the BIGGEST things first graders are asked to do. However, word work feels a little stale after a while. We ask our students to drill the same words, the same way, all year long. You may be looking for some fresh ways to practice

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Fall Writing Fun in First Grade

I love the start of a new season! It gives me the chance to introduce new activities in my classroom. In my opinion, the transition into fall is one of the most exciting. It's the first chance you have to start celebrating the seasons with your students. All of the

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