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Summer Lovin’ – Summer Must Have List

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Oh Summer…how I love you so!
I've spent my summer reading books, relaxing, working out from time to time, and relaxing some more.
Isn't it the dreamiest of all the seasons?

Amazon Music

I've told you before how much I love my Amazon Echo! Well, recently, I upgraded to Amazon Prime Music Unlimited and it's THE best money I've spent! It gives you access to more songs than you can ever listen to! And what I love most about Prime Music is that you can type in a song…and that song plays!! Not something like that song – the ACTUAL song! Totally worth the money!

Native Deodorant

So I mentioned on Instagram a few months ago that I have a serious fragrance allergy and it's horrendous! I can hardly use any products found at CVS or Sephora…and it's a huge bummer!

I switched to using stuff that truly has no smell and now I have no smell! I've had ups & downs finding products that I love {very few and far between} and products that are terrible {too many to list!}

One product that my dermatologist gave me the go-ahead on is Native Deodorant.  I LOVE it! I use the unscented because that's just how I roll these days, but my niece & sister have used the Coconut & Vanilla {AMAZING!} and Lavender & Rose {not my favorite scent in life!}

Do yourself a favor and ditch the drugstore deodorant that is filled with horrible stuff! I promise this will keep you just as protected!


You already know I'm a huge book nerd, so it's no surprise that I love to follow along with fellow readers over on Instagram! Here are a few of my favorite accounts to follow!

For the record, The Light We Lost is a FABULOUS book. You can totally read it in one sitting!

How gorgeous is this photo? Her entire feed is this beautiful! Want to know what I'm reading these days? Find me on Goodreads {and I'll follow you back!}

Quip Toothbrush

I'll be honest, I was a bit skeptical when I first came across the Quip Toothbrush. It's just so pretty that I figured it couldn't brush my teeth very well!

I am a big Sonicare fan and have been for ages.  But, I got tired of lugging that giant toothbrush with me on vacation and then always having that charger out on the counter to charge it! So, I figured I'd give Quip a try.

You guys…it's perfect! It's slim, sticks to the mirror and has a cover to protect it from bathroom nastiness! The best part? They send you refills every three months, so you're guaranteed to change out your toothbrush {something I bet we're all guilty of forgetting!} I opted to skip their toothpaste because I'm #crestforlife.

Give it a try – they have a 30-day money back guarantee if you don't love it!

Stapler Remover

So this is a random thing to add to a summer list, but since I've started to slowwwwwly work my way back into the school year, I've had to remove a few staples here and there from the classroom. I had a great stapler remover – and it got up and walked away from my classroom this past year.

I splurged on this Bostitch bad boy this summer and it's awesome! {Man, you know you're getting old when a stapler remover brings you joy!}

Frank Sommerville's Facebook Page

And I'll leave you with one more kinda random one here. I live in the Bay Area and Frank Sommerville is a local newscaster.  He always posts THE BEST content on his Facebook page! It ranges from uplifting to insightful to hilarious.  Even if you're not a Bay Area local, you should follow it!


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