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Digital Valentines for Kids

Like so many other holidays this year, Valentine's Day will be different. But there's something about Valentine's Day that is SO thrilling for kids! {I seriously can't figure it out – they usually share silly little strips of paper and get PUMPED to give and receive them, right?}

I went back and forth for how we could make it work – kids could drop off their valentines and I'd separate them out for kids to pick up again…but then we'd all be touching a bunch of things! So that went out the window!

Jamboard Valentines are the Perfect Alternative to Paper Valentines

So, even though we're still in Distance Learning, I'm not letting it get in the way of the kids' Valentine fun! This year, our Valentine's are going digital using Jamboard!

There's no touching but kids can STILL spread friendship love. Plus, these digital valentines will be a keepsake they may actually keep!

The best part? It will be SO simple for you as the teachers. I mean, we all need something simple these days, right?

To get started, you'll open up the Jamboard. Then, in the top left corner, you write the name of each student in your class on a different card.

NOTE: if you have a class larger than 20 students, you will need to create more than one Jamboard since you may only have 20 cards in one Jam!

Then, use the blue share button to grab the share link of your Jamboard to pass to your students. You can add this link to your Bitmoji classroom, your Google Classroom or even in a classroom newsletter.

Make sure when you're sharing your Jamboard with the students, you change their permissions to “Editor” or they won't be able to add a note!

Once students have access to your Valentine Jamboard, they can add a sticky note using the tool on the left-hand side. On the sticky, they can write a fun message to their classmate.

I love that Jamboard doesn't have a lot of options – it just allows students to write a limited message and change the sticky color! It may be fun to show your students how to add emojis to their notes. {You can find emojis under the Edit menu on both Chrome and Safari!}

After they've added the sticky to their friend's card, they can play around with its placement.

You can share these virtual cards during your class party or share the link with each student so they can check their valentines outs at any time!

Think your students would love these Jamboard Valentines? Check 'em out!

Cactus Themed Jamboard

Llama Themed Jamboard

Sloth Themed Jamboard

Valentine Jamboard

Like everything else this past year, we as teachers will make Valentine's Day just as special as we always do!

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