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Fun Facts in First Grade

Years ago, I began sharing random facts with my students. At first, I did it simply because I love fun facts myself. I’m a little bit of a nerd. Over time, the fun facts became a part of our daily routine. My students looked forward to learning what the new

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Daily Routines for a Successful Year

I am a big fan of daily routines. I believe they are so important in the success of your classroom management and organization. In fact, I highly recommend kicking off your first day of school with routines to help your students adjust to your room quickly! Today, I have three

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Build a Classroom Community Before School

Classroom Community Many of us strive for a strong classroom community with our first graders. A classroom community refers to the level of respect and kindness that your students show to each other. A classroom community is formed when students come together as a class to work towards the common

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Preventing Summer Slide

You have worked SO hard to get your kiddos learning this year! They are better readers because of you! They are better writers because of you! They are better math thinkers because of you!They are better kids because of you! Now, if you are anything like me, it pains you

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