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Gingerbread Man Activities for First Grade

Craziness that it’s already December! It’s definitely time to take out the Gingerbread Man!

These fun gingerbread man activities will help your first graders improve their math and language arts skills.

list of gingerbread man related activities for a first grade classroom in the winter | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Are you running around your classroom trying to fit in some fun activities before the Winter break?

To add a little pizzazz to my December, I’ve created the Gingerbread Unit!

This Gingerbread Mini Unit is filled with activities to keep your kiddos learning those Common Core Standards – even during the crazy month of December!

Gingerbread Unit | Run, Run As Fast As You Can - A Gingerbread Unit by Lucky to Be in First

Here’s a peek at some of the activities that are included!

Building Place Value Gingerbread man activities | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Kids can “build” their own gingerbread houses out of 10s & 1s!

Make graphing fun with Gingerbread Graphing and let your kiddos save the Gingerbread Boy by making a disguise for him!

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Send home this fun activity for a family project or complete in class.

Examples of First Grade Students’ Gingerbread Men

And for a lil’ sweet practice, this pack includes 8 worksheets for extra practice!


Gingerbread Man Activities Recap

Finding opportunities to incorporate some fun themed activities into your first grade classroom can help students learn more effectively.

Don’t miss out on the Gingerbread Unit!

What other gingerbread man activities have you done in your classroom? Tell me in the comments.

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