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July Math Games

Math games are perfect tools to reinforce different concepts your students while making learning fun. They help develop skills and entertain while providing a hands-on approach. But it can be tricky to round up games that hit the standards and are fun for your students! Look no further – I’ve

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Top Read Alouds for K-2

Who doesn’t love read-aloud time?! Honestly, it’s one of the only quiet times in my first grade! So naturally, one of the best ways to train readers is to cash in on read-aloud time! Teach your kindergarten, first, and second graders to improve their reading skills through story time. When

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An End of Year Time Capsule

In the Spring we’re always thinking ahead to the end of the year. Even if it still feels a long way off, it always gets here sooner than we’re ready for! If you’re looking for a meaningful activity to do with your students and their families this year, try a

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June Math Games

Is the countdown to summer on in your classroom yet?! As the school year comes to an end, we’re all looking forward to the upcoming summer break. However, it can be difficult to keep your students engaged just before the summer. Keep reading to learn how I use math games

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Seven Continents Slides for First Grade

I love teaching social studies! It’s especially fun to teach social studies topics in grades K-2. We get to be the first ones to introduce so many topics to our students. Geography is a great example of this. My seven continents unit has always been one of my favorites to

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7 Board Games to Build Math Skills

Board games are an incredible tool to help build math skills for 1st graders and young children! From counting, addition and subtraction to learning fractions and logic, board games can provide an entertaining and effective way to improve math skills. Games allow students to practice their math while having fun

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