Want to add FUN to your Math block?

Educational "Getting to Know You Activity" sheet surrounded by school supplies like pencils, scissors, and notebooks.

Getting to Know You Activity

This Getting to Know You Activity is the perfect 5-minute filler to slip in when you have a few free minutes – especially in the beginning of the year when it’s more important to build your classroom community than it is to hammer skills!

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Summer Reading List {2024}

Summer is my favorite season for SO many reasons {no school certainly tops that list!} However, my favorite part of summer is having so much more free time to do what I want! And at the top of my summer list? Reading books, of course! Picking books to add to

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5 Ideas to Learn the Continents

One of the trickiest things for our youngest learners to understand is that there is a great big world beyond the small little bubbles they live in! But, it’s our job to help them understand that they have an important place in the greater world. Learning about the seven continents

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