Want to add FUN to your Math block?

Teaching Wants vs. Needs

Driving around with my son recently, we started to have a conversation about Wants and Needs. Now, to a five-year-old boy, it can be a tad tricky trying to explain the distinction between these ideas! Getting that new stuffy is a NEED {or so he says!} not just a want!

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My Favorite Songs for Short Vowels

I am a firm believer in phonics! I love that phonics is having its moment right now – the more light we can shine on the importance of letter sounds and what amazing things can happen when we put those sounds together, the better! We know that music is a

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fun ways to teach nouns in the first grade classroom | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Fun Ways to Teach Nouns to First Grade & Primary Classrooms

Teaching grammar concepts to primary students, especially first graders, can be a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be a total bore! When it comes to teaching nouns, there are plenty of fun and interactive activities that can help them grasp this fundamental concept of language. Thankfully, nouns are

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silly books for reluctant readers | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Silly Books to Motivate Reluctant Readers

I get it – not everyone is a reader! But, I do believe that readers are hidden inside of everyone just waiting to come out! Oftentimes, a silly book is best for reluctant readers! But over my 20+ years of teaching, I have experienced countless kids who just don’t love

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Tips & Tricks for Telling Time

There are a few standards that are a challenge to teach kids and telling time is high up on that list! Am I right?! I mean, what makes sense about this: there are 12 numbers on the clock but in order to tell time, one needs to count by 1s

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