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What Would Happen Next? Writing

A very tricky skill for my students is making predictions! Making predictions is a fundamental skill that strengthens reading comprehension, writing skills, and practical life skills. But, I realized that my students were only getting this practice in our small group reading groups!

So I set out to create a low-prep but engaging way to incorporate this skill into our writing time to give students even more exposure to this skill {and a bunch of others!}

Read on to learn more about the benefits and how easy it is to implement these Making Predictions Writing Prompts into your day!

Why Making Predictions is Important

There are SO many reasons why making predictions is a skill that we must help our students develop.

In reading, it will help strengthen student comprehension of texts. Students can make predictions about a story, based on what they have already heard, read, or seen in life and previous books. This will allow students to become actively involved in the reading process. 

As our readers move from fiction to non-fiction texts, this skill becomes very important when they are asked to remember key details.

Making predictions supports the development of critical thinking skills. It requires students to draw upon their prior knowledge and experiences, as well as observations to anticipate what might happen. As adults, we often take for granted this skill but it’s something that we’ve spent a lifetime working on!

Making Predictions is also a very important life skill! Kids need to understand how to make logical choices about what may happen next – whether they are playing a game, working on a project, or having a conversation with others.

I wanted to create an opportunity for students to incorporate the skills they are developing to writing.

Making Predictions Writing Prompts

Making Predictions Prompts are an awesome addition to your writing routine!

To get started, project one of the prompts onto the smartboard. Both a PowerPoint and Google Slides version is included so you can pick what works best for your classroom.

Each prompt has an interesting, eye-catching photo that will hook your students.

As a class, discuss what’s happening in the photo. What happened just before this photo was taken? What may be happening just off-camera?

This discussion will lead to creative responses from your students and jumpstart the idea of “What will happen next?”

Word Bank

It can be tricky to send kids off to write with the broad topic of “What’s next?” So, to help, I’ve included a few options of paper and tools in the Making Predictions Writing ideas.

After displaying the first slide with the photo, you can swipe to the next slide that has not only the photo but also a word bank full of suggestions. It’s up to you if you use this! For some classes it may limit their creativity but for others it may create a jumping-off point to get writing!

Paper Choices

Since we all have our paper preferences, I’ve included several!

Select what works best for your classroom – whether it’s the open-ended pages or the pages with the transition words included.

This Making Predictions resource will

• Cut down planning time – all resources are print, project & go!  
 Easily differentiate writing instruction
• Provide a scaffolded, structure for writing
• Support English Language Learners and struggling writers

What’s Included:

Here’s a visual of all you’ll get inside the Making Predictions Prompts pack.

I’ve created a bundle that will include Animals, Silly Stories, Seasons, and Social Skills. The price goes up as I add more so don’t miss out!

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