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The Best Summer Read-Alouds for 1st Graders & Young Kids

Is the countdown to summer on in your classroom? It seems as soon as Spring hits, kids {and maybe some teachers!} are ready for summer! I’m so excited to share with you a fantastic list of my favorite summer read-alouds for kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade!

read alouds books about summer for kids | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

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And Then Comes Summer

This gorgeously illustrated book is exactly what you need to slip into summer mode! It’s filled with suggestions for how to fill the lazy days ahead of summer from staying up later than your bedtime to playing hide-and-seek with your friends.

My students love this read-aloud!

and then comes summer kids book | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

It Began with Lemonade

A lemonade stand is a rite of passage for kids! This darling story starts as a lemonade stand for humans but quickly turns into something even more exciting.

it began with lemonade book about summer for kids | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Summer Vacation, Here I Come

Have you seen the cute series of Kindergarten/1st Grade/Second Grade, Here I Come? Well, the author’s latest is a book of poems about summer! Those books are also super cute to add to your library to get kids excited about what’s to come!

summer vacation here I come read aloud book | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Summer Supper

I love any book with alliteration {and it’s the perfect way to slip in a quick lesson on this literary device as you read!} Summer Supper will delight your students in how food goes from farm to table, the perfect summer read-aloud!

summer supper book | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

How to Code a Sandcastle

Slip in some STEAM in the final days of school with this cute story about a girl who has tirelessly worked to build a sandcastle all summer. With one last effort, she calls in her robot to assist her. The book introduces coding vocabulary basics such as loops and sequences.

how to code a sandcastle book | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Saffron Ice Cream

Summer doesn’t look the same everywhere! Rashin is excited to visit the beach for the first time in New York but she can’t help think of what summer was like in Iran, too.

saffron ice cream kids book | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Almost-Summer Activities

You can’t just fill your days with these cute Summer read-aloud books! Keep reading to check out a few of my favorite activities for the final days of school.

End of the Year Survival Kit

Need some cute activities to get you through the final days of the school year? I’ve got ya covered with this End of the Year Survival Kit.

It includes four activities to work on in the final days with your students that will have them thinking ahead towards next year!

There are a few writing prompts included. Here’s a peek at the 10 Things lists students can write.

things I'm looking forward to writing prompt | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

I LOVE to do this writing activity in the final days of the year. Current students write notes to the incoming class with their best advice! It’s so fun to read what kids think is “important” to share. Once they letters are done, I bundle them up in a class book and share with the new class in the fall.

dear new second grader summer activity | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

The final two activities will give your students a chance to make a poster with illustrations about the best things in your class and spend a little time reflecting on the past year.

reflections of the year activity for before the summer | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Summer Would You Rather? Writing

All kids have opinions so you may as well get them writing about those opinions! Use these Summer Would You Rather? writing prompts to have your students share his/her opinion. There are some silly prompts included to get them writing!

would you rather summer edition | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Summer Logic Puzzles

Since our students are solid readers by this point in the year, it’s a great time to pull out the Logic Puzzles! This activity mixes following directions with logic. Students {or pairs of students} work to solve the clues and arrange the popsicles in the correct order.

summer logic puzzle games for kids | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Worried about the dreaded Summer Slide? Go read more about how you can help your students retain all the knowledge you shared this year!

preventing summer slide BAT book for 1st grade | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Best Summer Read-Alouds for 1st Grade & Kids Recap

teacher reading a summer themed read aloud book to a student | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

As the school year comes to a close, celebrating summer with engaging read-alouds and fun activities can help build excitement for the break ahead. From books exploring lemonade stands to coding sandcastles, the suggested titles capture the joys of summer.

Paired with writing prompts, logic puzzles, and reflective exercises, these resources provide an enjoyable way to wrap up the year while preventing the dreaded summer slide.

What are your favorite summer read-alouds for your students? Tell me in the comments.

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