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Preventing Summer Slide

You have worked SO hard to get your kiddos learning this year!

They are better readers because of you!
They are better writers because of you!
They are better math thinkers because of you!
They are better kids because of you!

Now, if you are anything like me, it pains you to think of your kiddos not doing anything all summer to keep up with their learning! Of course, I believe that kids need a break {we ALL deserve a break!}

But, I think it’s very important that kids spend at least 5-10 minutes a day keeping their skills sharp…and of course, reading books!

So, I’m here to share a super simple idea for preventing that dreaded summer slide!

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The B.A.T. Books

B.A.T. stands for Brain’s Always Thinking! I use the B.A.T. Books throughout the school year for early finishers, morning work, and challenge activities.

Some kids love to read books when they are finished with work. And others? Well, they want to keep stretching their brains in a different way.

So, after finishing their work, they are allowed to pull out this activity book that is filled with challenging activities that cover important skills.

The Summer B.A.T. Book

Now, we ALL dread the summer slide! We’re patting ourselves on the back in June when our kiddos are reading like rockstars, writing like the latest novelist, and doing math like Euclid.

But the Fall rolls around and we hear little whispers that they have NOT READ ONE BOOK! ?

So a few years ago, I started sending home the Summer B.A.T. Books with my students. These 40 paged books are filled with review activities covering standards from the year.

The idea is that the activities are independent. A child can pop open their book and complete any activity for the day. As they complete the page, they simply color in the number on grid on the front page to show their progress.

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How to Get Kids to Do the B.A.T. Book

Honestly, some kids are super motivated to do these books on their own and some definitely need a little incentive.

A few years ago I started rewarding students for completing their Summer B.A.T. Books {because I totally get that they may not want to do school!}

At the start of school in the Fall, my former students can return their completed B.A.T. Book in exchange for a trip to my prize box {which is stuffed with all the free books I’ve earned over the years from the Scholastic Book Order!}

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Not all students complete it, but that’s okay! I give them the option. Do what works best for your class.

Want to check out the B.A.T. Books?

First Grade Summer B.A.T. Book
Second Grade Summer B.A.T. Book

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