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Addition and Subtraction Games for 1st Grade

It is NO surprise how much I love using math games in the classroom! Games are such a great way to engage students, while also building their fact fluency and number sense.

Games are a great way to keep things fun as students review all of the skills they’ve learned throughout the year! One of the most important skills we practice in first grade is addition and subtraction. Today, I have four additional and subtraction games that will help your students spiral review this important skill!

True or False Math

This set of activities builds fact fluency because students must recognize whether a math fact is true or not!

Students work to sort correct facts from incorrect facts, complete a write-the-room activity, and decide if analogy-style problems such as ’10 – 6 = 2 + 2″ are true or not! It’s filled with engaging activities that will hammer home the important skill!

Circling Differences

In this activity, students search the number mats for differences that match the title of the mat. For example, on mats that say ‘make 1’, only numbers that have a difference of one can be circled. Because students must hunt the numbers like a crossword puzzle, this activity keeps their brains thinking! This is a great way to review subtraction facts.

And if your students love this game, make sure to check out Circling Sums, too!

Each set also has a digital version that can be assigned in Google.

Emoji Math

Emoji math subs some numbers out for emojis, so students must use critical thinking skills to decide what the missing number might be!

These problems cover both addition and subtraction, so they help students build the number sense and fact fluency that they need by the end of first grade.

Balancing Equations Worksheets

In this game, students sort through the equation cards to find cards with equal values. Whatever card goes on one side of the balance scale, an equation with an equal value must go on the other! This is great addition and subtraction fact review for any time of the year!

Using these games, students will build the addition and subtraction skills they need this year!

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