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Best Math Videos on YouTube: My Favorite Videos & Channels

Do you ever wonder how you taught before having access to thousands of videos online? I do!

When I’m stumped for how to explain a concept in another way {or need to “hook” my students in!} I love to share a quick video. I am always in awe of the talent

Today, I’m sharing my favorite and the best Math YouTube videos that are frequently played in my first-grade classroom! And some activities to go along with them!

students watching a helpful math video on a popular youtube channel | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Number Bonds YouTube Videos

One of the trickiest concepts for students is often number bonds. For our adult brains it “makes sense” to see the relation between addition and subtraction. But students need LOTS of exposure to this concept!

I love this video from Scratch Garden {one of my go-to channels for math!}

This video is specific for number bonds to 10 but it’s awfully catchy!

Need a little more practice with number bonds? Check out Secret Agent: Number Bonds! This pack is filled with fun activities that will give your students a chance to practice number bonds in an engaging way…while acting as secret agents!

Addition YouTube Videos

We all know fact fluency is one of the most important skills we can arm our little people with! If we can set our students up with a strong basic fact knowledge, it will make learning all the rest of the math operations so much easier!

Here are my favorite addition YouTube videos to share with your students:

The Harry Kindergarten channel is always a hit with the students! And who doesn’t love a pirate theme?

And Jack Hartmann’s channel always has a catchy tune to help the students with various math concepts. This addition song will be stuck in your head, I promise!

Give your students a chance to practice those facts with these magical math printables! It has a mix of addition and subtraction so you can focus on fact families!

math centers in a snap logo | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Subtraction YouTube Videos

This first YouTube video really gets into the concept of subtraction.

But this Jack Hartmann song is one that you can share over and over to help memorize those facts!

These Circling Differences game boards will have your students begging for game time! There’s a game board for various target numbers. It makes learning facts a little more fun!

Shape Songs

While most of your students will be able to recognize the basic shapes, it’s important we review them. I love that this video is interactive so it doubles as a brain break!

Our students are very familiar with plane shapes – it’s those solid shapes that often trip them up, right? This catchy song will give them a chance to sing along.

These Math BINGO boards are the perfect game for your fast math finishers! There are lots of skills included so you can have a few math games going on throughout the room.

Telling Time Videos

This may be the trickiest math concept we teach to little learners! But thank you, Jack Hartmann {again!} for adding a little fun to the concept!

This video is all about telling time to the hour.

This video is a bit faster so definitely only introduce it once your students have a basic understanding!

Then, once we master time to the hour, we move on to time to the half hour. This catchy tune will be an earworm {sorry!}

Best YouTube Videos for Elementary Math Recap

Need a little extra practice with telling time? Check out Shark Attack: Telling Time! This interactive PowerPoint game will motivate your students to quickly tell the time and record their answers before the shark eats the fish! It has both hour and half-hour options!

Telling Time Activities for the Smart Board by Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

You can project the screen to your class and your students record the answer on their recording sheets or white board.

And as a recap, here are some of the best math YouTube channels and videos:

What are your favorite YouTube math videos? Leave a comment and let me know!

math centers in a snap logo | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

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