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Quick Ways to Thank Students and Families

In the hustle and bustle of the school year, it’s easy to forget to express gratitude to your students and their families. However, taking the time to show your appreciation can go a long way in building strong relationships and creating a positive learning environment.

I’m sharing some quick and easy ways to thank your students and their families throughout the year – not just for gifts but for appreciating your students for who they are!

Send Personalized Thank-You Notes

A handwritten note can make a HUGE impact. Take a few minutes to write a short, heartfelt thank-you note to each of your students and their families. Mention something specific that you appreciate about their efforts or involvement in your class. This personal touch will show that you care and are grateful for their support.

It doesn’t need to be fancy – every parent loves hearing how awesome their child is or how you are grateful for their support! Write it on a post-it and slap it on his/her folder. This note will not only brighten your student’s day but also will make the parent feel proud, too!

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Email or Text

A quick email {or text message via Remind or Class Dojo} is a fast way to express gratitude. You can send a brief message to parents, thanking them for their support in their child’s education, or to students, acknowledging their hard work on a recent project.

Typing is so much quicker for me {and I can do it any time of the day!} so this is usually my go-to method of reaching out!

Whip Something up in Canva

Thanking your class for a special gift for your birthday or a holiday? I love using Canva to create a cute printable note! Simply type in “thank you note” in the search bar and see what pops up! Have fun changing fonts, colors, and more!

Then, you simply save it as a PDF and print it out to slip into folders.

If you don’t want to print out a copy, save it as a JPG and attach it to an email to your families! Easy, right?

Did you know that Canva offers FREE accounts for educational use? You can create SO many great things!

Print & Go Notes

I always have a stack of these printable thank you notes for students and parents ready to go in my desk. They are pre-written for you so you just need to sign your name! There are TONS of options so there is certainly a card in this pack for you to send home and make a big difference!

Create a Thank-You Bulletin Board

I love the idea of creating a thank-you bulletin board in your classroom that can serve as a visual reminder of your appreciation! You can encourage your students {and even their families!} to contribute notes, artwork, or other expressions of gratitude. It’s a simple yet powerful way to foster a sense of community in the classroom!

If you have a die-cut machine at school, simply punch out a bunch of hearts or other shapes that will give kids enough room to write. They can visit this space at any point to share things they are thankful for!

Classroom Gratitude Jar

In the fall I always create a Classroom Gratitude jar {which is a simpler version of the bulletin board!} and takes up a little less space in my tiny classroom!

But who says this is just a fall activity? Pull it out anytime throughout the year! It’s amazing to see how students begin to recognize their peers for so many things!

You can read more about the jars here!

Peer Gratitude

Promote a culture of gratitude in your classroom by encouraging students to thank each other. Implement activities like “compliment circles” or peer appreciation cards, where students express appreciation for their classmates. This not only reinforces positive behavior but also fosters a sense of community.

I wrote a blog post about ways to pump and build up students in unique ways that you should definitely check out!

Gratitude Beyond the Classroom

Expand your gratitude beyond your classroom and students! Encourage your students to take some time to write notes to the other members of your school staff or community outside of school.

The more we encourage gratitude, the more present it will be all around you!

Expressing gratitude is a small yet important way to build relationships. You can strengthen relationships, create a positive classroom environment, and ultimately enhance the learning experience for everyone involved with these simple ideas! So, take a moment today to show your appreciation—it’s worth every effort no matter how big or small!

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