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Encouraging Gratitude in the Classroom

November always seems to be the time of year I begin to reflect on all the people and things in my life that I’m grateful for. {I probably should be doing it more frequently but November and Thanksgiving are the perfect excuse to get thinking!}

I’ve rounded up my current favorite Thanksgiving books, as well as two of my favorite projects for students to reflect on what they’re grateful for.

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Books to Encourage Gratitude

The Thank You Book

The illustrations in this book are so simple and beautiful – just as the message is. I love the idea that it suggests saying Thank You is for anything that gives you a “happy little hum” inside. Isn’t that such a cute way to describe things that bring you joy?

The Thank You Book

Who can resist a Good ol’ Mo Willems book? I love that this book focuses on the importance of the people in our lives.

Grow Grateful

In this story, Kiko and her class take a camping trip. On the trip, she discovers different things she appreciates about her family and friends.

Thankful Frankie

This is such a fun new book! Through simple rhymes, Frankie learns that family, friends, and memories are the most important things in life to be grateful for – not toys, books or puzzles or games.

The book encourages the reader to make a list of joy-filled things at the end of each night.

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Encourage Your Students to Be Grateful

To continue to the conversation and get your students to reflect on what they’re thankful for, I have two fun activities to choose from!

I created a Classroom Gratitude Jar. In the corner of the classroom, I left a bunch of circles {some with prompts and some without} for students to add what they are appreciative of.

To extend this idea, each student created a Family Gratitude Jar. I asked families to send in an old spaghetti or mason jar. Then, we slapped on a label and cut up the blank strips for kiddos to take home and continue this idea at home.

You can find the Gratitude Jar in the Lucky Store!

If you’re looking for a darling {and easy!} display for the month of November, check out Thankful Thoughts!

I’ve included four different writing templates so there’s a little something for everyone 😉

You can find Thankful Thoughts in the Lucky Store.

Growing up, my mom was crazy about us writing thank you notes! Her rule was “You can’t play with your toy or spend your money until you write the thank you note!” Now, being a child, I obviously had money to spend and Barbies to dress so, of course, I wrote those thank you notes quickly! Thankfully, it was a great habit that she shared with my sister and me.

In the classroom, we often write thank you notes to different staff members around the school – the custodian, secretary, and principal, to name a few. These quick and easy cards are a great way to let the important members of the school know that you appreciate them!

You can find these Staff Thank You Notes in the Lucky Store.

As a teacher, I think it’s just as important to say thank you to children, as well. From the small treats they send in to the big supplies they contribute to our classroom community. These print & go notes are the perfect notes to have on hand to say a quick {and meaningful thanks!}

You can find these print and go Teacher Thank You Notes for Students and Families here!

There’s even a digital file so you can easily email your thanks, too!

What’s your favorite book or activity for spreading gratitude?

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