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Master Skills with Shark Attack Review!

There is something about a countdown that really lights a little fire under little people! I wanted to use that motivation to create a game to help students review important Math skills.

 Cue the Jaws music…it’s time for Shark Attack!

Shark Attack is a series of PowerPoint presentations that involve students actively working right along with the slideshow!

This no-prep activity is a fabulous way to review everything you cover in the first-grade {okay, well maybe not everything but all of the key Math skills are covered!

Getting Ready!

To get the activity ready, simply print out the desired Shark Attack recording sheet. I’ve included two versions, so pick what works best for your students.

This Shark Attack recording sheet is for students to simply write their answers as they answer.

And, this Shark Attack recording sheet version for students to check if their answers are right or wrong…once the answer is revealed!

Once you’ve printed out the Shark Attack recording sheet, it’s time to decide which game you’d like your students to play.

There are four options included:
10 seconds to answer the question {as the shark chases the fish}
15 seconds to answer the question {as the shark chases the fish}
20 seconds to answer the question {as the shark chases the fish}
Choose Your Time {the shark moves but the fish doesnt}

With the Choose Your Time option, I’ve included directions for you to adjust the timing of each question so you can increase or decrease the amount of time given for students to answer the questions.

I even had my computer illiterate mom follow the directions for adjusting the time so I promise you can do it!

Start Playing!

When all of the students are ready, turn the PowerPoint presentation on…and off they go! It’ll run on its own, so you can roam the classroom and check in on your little learners.

Some of the files {like the addition and subtraction file} can be edited so you can make the problems as hard or easy as you need for your class.

Go grab the Shark Attack Math Bundle or the Shark Attack Language Arts Bundle!

Want to try out Shark Attack? Grab the FREEBIE below!

Hope your kiddos love it as much as my class!

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