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Superhero Sight Words!

One of the most frustrating parts of teaching kiddos to read {for me!} are those darn sight words! WHY is the English language so tricky? We drill into our students that these letters make this sound and those letters make that sound. But wait – those rules don’t apply to this GIANT list of words that will be the most common words you come across as an early reader!

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So as challenging as it is, we send our students off with a list of words to memorize that will help build that foundation of reading {along with good phonics instruction}

In my 17 years of teaching, I’ve tried many different systems – word rings, laminated word lists, flashcards, etc. However, for one reason or another {mostly too much management on my end!} I knew I had to do something easier!

This year, I started using Superhero Sight Word Lists. This is a VERY low-prep and low-maintenance program to help you manage your students in learning the all-important sight words!

To begin, pick the list that works for you. I’ve included all 500 Fry Lists, the 220 Dolch Lists and an editable file for you to use your own set of words.

I wanted my Superhero Sight Word Lists to stand out in my students’ reading folders {so parents and students alike will spot them each day} so I copied the cover onto Astrobrights.

In my classroom, I color-coded the covers of each Fry list with a different color so it was simple for me to spot the levels of my readers. They’re also listed as Book 1, Book 2, etc. with a note at the bottom for which list is included.

I sent a note home to parents explaining what the books are all about and how they can help their child at home with the Superhero Sight Word Readers.

Each Friday I call students over to zip through their list. If they can quickly read each word on the page without hesitation they pass! I give the students a chance to pass if they don’t feel ready to read their list to me.

I found these awesome Superhero stickers on Amazon that are the perfect way to reward your students for passing a level. It’s also a quick visual for you to see where they’re at.

To make it simple to manage who has passed through each book, I’ve included a Progress Monitor page. As a student completes the entire book, you just write the date and hand out the next Superhero Sight Word Reader.

I’ve included an editable file in the pack too so you can pop in any words your district may use. Please note: It needs to be opened in Adobe Reader in order to edit the file. Macs will automatically open the file in Preview!

Superhero Sight Word Readers are a simple way to manage those all-important Sight Words!

You can find them in the Lucky Store!

And, check out even more word work activities here.

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