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Ready to Go Math Centers with Games & Activities – K, 1st, 2nd Grade

I am a firm believer that play should be a part of each child’s day. Math is a perfect time to slip in play with learning!

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning”

– Mr. Rogers

Every single day in my classroom we play math games. Yep! Every single day.

We accomplish that by setting up our classroom math centers with plenty of games and activities!

Years ago, I set up my class so that when my “fast finishers” were done with the math lesson of the day, they could select from a bunch of games to play.

school bus themed math center games | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

I quickly realized, however, that only fast finishers were getting to play games. And quite honestly, the kids that were a little slower at math needed the skills practice of games just as much, if not more than the early finishers!

I also discovered that kids ended up playing the same games over and over and with the same partners over and over!

The Power of Math Centers – For Teachers AND Students

In an elementary classroom, guided math centers are like the heart and soul of the learning experience. They’re not just a part of the daily routine; they’re a place where effective learning happens.

These lively learning hubs offer young students engaging adventures and turn math practice into a fantastic journey. It’s a world where learning and fun go hand in hand.

So, let’s look at why these math centers are so awesome for our young learners! ⏬

1- Engaging Experiences for Students

students playing an addition math game | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Math centers are like magical playgrounds where young students can explore the wonders of math with excitement and curiosity. These centers offer hands-on activities, games, and all sorts of fun tools that turn math into an adventure.

It’s not just about learning; it’s about having a blast while learning!

Kids get to work at their own pace, and this helps them become confident with their math skills. A math center activity makes math feel like a fantastic journey, not a boring chore, and that’s why they’re so important for our young learners.

2- Practice Made Fun

Imagine math practice that feels like a big, fun party instead of a boring routine! That’s what math centers do for our students.

Instead of dull worksheets and drills, they get to play exciting games, solve puzzles, and even team up with friends to conquer math challenges with an activity.

It’s not just about getting better at math; it’s about making math the highlight of their day.

By turning practice into play, math centers make elementary students not just math superstars, but also experts in having a great time while learning. That’s why these centers are essential for young students!

Let me tell you about my experience with introducing more math games into my classroom. 👇

Why I Started Using Math Games in My Classroom

students playing an apple themed math center game | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

So, a couple of years after introducing math games into my class, I changed up my math block to make it better for everyone! Now, 1) I teach a lesson each day, 2) the students do their independent work, and 3) then everyone plays games! I set aside about 15-20 minutes per day for the students to play a game.

I also wanted my students to vary the games they were playing, so I gathered a bunch of standards-based math games ranging in skills and plopped them into different baskets. I also created a simple system to manage the games to give each student the chance to play every game on a rotation.

Let me tell you – these games have been a HIT for years in my own classroom. If you ask the students in my class what their favorite part of the day is, I guarantee the majority will say “Math Games!”

The Teacher’s Challenge – Managing Math Centers

Whenever I tell other teachers about my math centers, though, I’m always met with the same reaction. “Yes,” they say, “games are always a hit, but…”:

“That sounds like so much work!”

“We don’t have color printers at our school.”

“I don’t have time to run around and find all those pieces”

“I can’t come up with enough games every month for my class!”

I get it! I do! While teachers can have boundless energy and unwavering commitment to our students, we have limited resources and even more limited time.

There are only so many hours in the day! And trying to come up with your own math center ideas can feel daunting…

But, when you see just how much fun kids are having {and need I say…learning!} you soon realize it’s necessary to have engaging games and activities in your math block!

These Math Centers Come 100% Ready to Use!

Since I want EVERYONE to use Math Games in their primary classrooms, I have made it easy! Managing math centers can be challenging, but not anymore!

I’ve created Centers in a Snap – an all-in-one box that gives your elementary students a chance to play games while practicing important math skills! The box is sent to your doorstep with ALL you need to get going – from gameboards to math manipulatives to video directions for students!

Each month you’ll simply need to 1) open up the box, 2) cut some pieces out and 3) get playing! It’s really that easy!

My goal was to make math stations for primary grades that take no more than one prep period to get going! And after months of putting all the math stations and math games that I’ve been using together in one resource, I am so excited to announce Centers in a Snap!

With this resource, you’ll have an entire month’s worth of engaging math games ready to go in less than an hour!

What’s Included with Math Centers in a Snap?

Each month of Centers in a Snap includes a box with 12 standards-based math games and all the necessary game pieces. You will never need to search for dice, timers, spinners, counters, etc. because you get it all in one box!

There is also a digital math centers version for each of the games and a QR code that links to ad-free, secure videos that show the students how to play each one.

I created these math games for Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade. Most of the games are similar across the grade levels and just vary in difficulty. So, if you teach a split grade {or have the need for both simpler and more challenging games}, you could always add the digital version of a different grade level to your monthly box subscription and have games for all levels in your classroom.

A Peek at the Math Center Games

Here’s a peek at Apple Picking Time, a game from September’s Centers in a Snap box.

Apple Picking Time works across the three grade levels. In the Kindergarten game, students roll a custom-made shape die to recognize shapes. They then use the included two-color counters to cover shapes on the apple tree.

an apple picking themed math center game that is ideal for 1st graders | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

In the first grade game, students roll two dice and add the numbers together. They then use the included two-color counters to cover the sum on the apple tree.

how to use a math center game to teach young students math concepts | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

In the second grade game, students roll two dice, add the numbers together, and then add one more. They then use the included two-color counters to cover the sum on the apple tree.

a dice math centers game that teaches 1st and 2nd graders addition | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Playing the Games in Your Classroom

Are you ready for the best part of these games? You never even need to teach your students how to play the games! I’ve got that covered too! I’ve truly thought of everything to make your center time as seamless as possible.

Each game includes a simple set of directions, which also lists all the materials you’ll need. For the easiest way to organize, I have found it best to add all the materials into a plastic basket so the kids can grab and go.

On the directions page, I’ve also included a QR code. When scanned, this will lead your students to an ad-free video site where I walk them through just how to play the game!

detailed instructions for an apple picking time math game for an elementary classroom | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Here’s a peek at the 1st-grade directions for Apple Picking Time!

I start each video by saying, “Hi Friends” in case you need to swap out games across grade levels. This way, if a 1st-grade intervention group is playing the Kindergarten version, they won’t even know!

How the Subscription Works

There are 12 boxes that each include 12 different standards-based math games ranging in skills. Each box {except for July and August} will be themed for the month it is sent. The games created for July and August will be generic so you can add them to your math stations throughout the year.

BONUS! If you purchase the yearly bundle {of either the Box or digital files} you’ll receive one month free!

What’s Included in Centers in a Snap?

Each month of Centers in a Snap includes:
• 12 engaging math games printed in color on heavy-duty cardstock for durability
• ALL of the materials you need to play the games
• Vimeo videos that clearly instruct students on how to play the game
• Lifetime Digital Access to the games
• Management Ideas {included in digital download}
• Monthly Box Labels to organize all games {included in digital download}
• Free shipping!

When will my box ship?

You can sign up anytime before the 10th of the month to guarantee you’ll get the following month’s box. So, if you’re eyeing the October box, you’ll want to sign up before September 10th!

Your subscription will then renew on the 10th of each month. We ship the Centers by the 25th of each month {at the latest!}, which means you’ll get your box before the beginning of the month in plenty of time to get your games ready to go! 

Each month, you should receive your order within 3-7 business days, depending on how far you are from California {where Lucky Learning is located}!

Are you ready to make your math block and breeze and fun?! No more searching, buying, printing, and finding materials for your math games!

Go sign up for Math Centers in a Snap!

But don’t delay – there is a limited number of boxes available for September!

Curious how to manage these games? Read more about managing Centers in a Snap here.

managing math centers in classrooms guide | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Want to take a peek at one of the September games? Sign up below and I’ll send you the K, 1st, and 2nd Grade versions of Apple Picking Time!

If you’re using the digital version of Centers in a Snap, you can find the September materials included in the box here.

Recap of Math Center Games & Activities – Centers in a Snap

Math games aren’t just fun, they help young students truly understand and apply important math concepts, skills, and principles.

So many teachers want to implement fun math centers but just can’t seem to find the time to make it happen!

If you’re ready to simplify how you set up math centers in your K, 1st, or 2nd grade classroom, get started with Centers in a Snap! Head here!

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