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Fun Ways to Teach Nouns to First Grade & Primary Classrooms

Teaching grammar concepts to primary students, especially first graders, can be a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be a total bore! When it comes to teaching nouns, there are plenty of fun and interactive activities that can help them grasp this fundamental concept of language.

Thankfully, nouns are the easiest parts of speech for young learners to master. Keep reading to explore creative and fun ways to teach nouns in your primary classroom and snag a few FREEBIES to make teaching this skill a little bit easier!

a parts of speech game to help students learn about how to use nouns in sentences | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Activities for Teaching Nouns

Noun Hunt

Transform your classroom into a noun safari adventure! Give each student a binoculars made out of toilet paper rolls on a string. Encourage them to roam around the classroom or schoolyard to spot nouns and write them down. This activity not only reinforces their understanding of nouns but also gets them moving and exploring!

noun hunt game about people places and things | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Alphabet Noun Hunt

This is a spin on the activity above but a bit more challenging! Students need to hunt around your classroom, school, or home and write a noun for each letter in the alphabet!

classroom game that teaches students to find nouns throughout the room | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Guess My Noun Activity

Ask each student to bring in an object from home that represents a noun. Have them present their object to the class through three clues they’ve written down.

guess my noun fun activity for students | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Noun Hunt in a Passage

Give your students a short passage {such as Camp Comprehension} or story and ask them to highlight or underline all the nouns they find. Have them pair up with a partner and check their work!

noun hunt in a passage where students highlight nouns in a story | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

It’s a win-win activity because kids are reading a passage AND looking for nouns!

Noun Charades

Have students act out nouns without speaking while their classmates guess what noun they are representing. This fun game encourages active learning and reinforces noun identification. To prep, simply write a bunch of words on some index cards and have students pull words out of a bag! This game is a hoot to see how they act out the nouns!

Noun Flipper

These are so simple to use! Students simply draw a picture {or more than one} under each flap.

noun flipper game for teaching nouns to young students | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Beat the Clock: Parts of Speech

After you’ve reviewed nouns and verbs you can play Beat the Clock: Parts of Speech! This fast-paced game {with variable speeds!} is a great review game.

beat the clock activity | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Books about Nouns

I have had Merry Go Round in my classroom library since my very first year! This well-loved book gives a great overview of all types of nouns.

merry go round a book about nouns | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

A Mink, a Fink, and a Skating Rink goes into nouns a bit deeper but it’s a funny book that will have your kids entertained as you read about nouns!

a mink a fink a skating rink, what is a noun book | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

This school-themed Nouns and Verbs Have a Field Day is a kick! Again, it’s a really old book {and covers verbs, too} but does a great job highlighting the important types of grammars.

nouns and verbs have a field day | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Videos about Nouns, To Use as Teaching Aids

You know I love Jack Hartmann songs! This guy can make any subject catchy with one of his tunes!

This fun tune goes a little deeper into nouns by highlighting the difference between common and proper nouns.

We know that music and movement can make learning anything so much more fun and “stick” in their brains!

Want the Noun Hunts, Guess My Noun, and Noun Flipper Freebies for your own classroom? Enter your info below and I’ll send the goodies your way!

Fun Ways to Teach Nouns in the Classroom Recap

Teaching nouns will be a breeze in your classroom with these fun activities and games! Making learning fun is the key to helping students retain and apply their knowledge of nouns {and other grammar!}

So, get creative and let the noun-filled adventures begin in your classroom!

How else have you helped your first graders learn about nouns? Tell me in the comments.

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