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Silly Books to Motivate Reluctant Readers

I get it – not everyone is a reader! But, I do believe that readers are hidden inside of everyone just waiting to come out!

Oftentimes, a silly book is best for reluctant readers!

a child who is reluctant to read enjoying a book | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch
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But over my 20+ years of teaching, I have experienced countless kids who just don’t love reading! They’d rather doodle or play with Legos or solve some equation that I can barely wrap my head around!

And you know what? That’s okay! Heck, I’m even married to a man who would prefer to read {A LONG!} New York Times article over picking up a book!

So in this post, I’m sharing some books that may pique the interest of even your most reluctant readers!

Depending on the reading level of your students, some of these books may be better as read-alouds. But we all know that reading books aloud to children has so many benefits.

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The Book with No Pictures

Every single time Luke and I read this book aloud, he giggles as if he has never heard it! It is such a clever book and there are truly no pictures! The silliness of the words keep listeners engaged.

the book with no pictures is good for young students who are nervous about reading | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Butt or Face

Luke LOVES this book! It’s a mix of non-fiction, beautiful pictures, and just the right amount of silliness! And Butt or Face? Volume 2 was recently released too! These are super fun books to add to your classroom library.

butt or face book | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Walter the Farting Dog

Now, this book can’t be read aloud to all students {you know who can and can’t handle it!} but it sure is funny!

walter the farting dog book to help reluctant readers | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

The Night I Followed My Dog

I remember taking a continuing education class very early on in my teaching career and a fellow teacher sharing this book. She was laughing SO hard as she read it aloud that everyone in the room couldn’t help but laugh! It’s a totally silly book but so clever!

the night i followed the dog book | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

What If? Series

Everyone loves to play the what if? game so turn that game into a reading adventure. This series of books delightfully teaches about important features of animals through outrageous illustrations!

what if series of books for reluctant readers | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

We Don’t Eat our Classmates

This book is just so absurd that you can’t help but chuckle. It’s also a great lesson in treating others how you’d like to be treated {in a very exaggerated!} example!

we don't eat our classmates book for young readers | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch


When Floyd’s kite gets stuck in a tree, he throws various items up to try and knock it down, leading to an increasingly absurd pile-up. This will have your students laughing!

stuck book for young readers | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Best Books for Reluctant Readers Recap

With the right book, you can hook anyone to fall in love with reading – even if it’s just listening to a story!

Have any books you’d add to this list to help reluctant readers? Leave a comment and let me know!

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