Want to add FUN to your Math block?

Making Math Fun with Snap Cubes and Pattern Blocks

Growing up, I was definitely more of a reader than a math kid. I always had a book nearby to pull out & read when I had a few minutes. It would have never dawned on me to work on math problems, pull out a puzzle or even build something with pattern blocks! It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized that math was more than just word problems and equations!

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Once I became a teacher, it surprised me to learn that I actually love teaching math! You guys…there is SO much to teaching math – shapes, time, numbers, patterns, and so much more! {Okay, obviously if you’re a teacher you know that too!}

In the classroom, it’s easy for me to spot the “book” kids. You know who they are – the kids who would rather visit your classroom library or write in their journal than pull out a Logic Puzzle! I mean, of course, I know who they are because that was me!

To lure those kids in {and lead them to realize much sooner than I did that Math is SO MUCH more than numbers!} I created a few sets of activities using Snap Cubes and Pattern Blocks.

Using these math manipulatives that are readily available in your classroom, you can rope kids into some fun activities {and they won’t even know they’re learning!}

Check out all the Printable Pattern Block Templates here!

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Snap Cube Mats + Mini Books

My kids cannot get enough of the Snap Cube Mats! They love creating various pictures. Then, they follow up on the activity by counting up the number of cubes used for the image and determining what is 1 more, 1 less, 10 more and 10 less than the number of cubes they used.

There are sets for all seasons!





To mix it up and make it a bit more challenging, I’ve included the same puzzles with just the outline of the shape. This allows your students a bit more creativity and requires a little more brainpower to create the image without an exact picture.

Pattern Blocks Mats + Mini Books

The Pattern Block sets focus on building the picture using pattern blocks and filling out the mini book with the number of blocks used. These are perfect for Kindergarten and beginning of the year first grade when reviewing our one-to-one correspondence.





and Summer!

Each of the packs includes Colored and Black & White Puzzles in four different variations.

You can find A Year of Snap Cubes in the Lucky Store and A Year of Pattern Blocks in the Lucky Store.

PS- I also have a fun Halloween Pattern Block Mats product your students will love!

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