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Shared Classroom Journals

I’ll be honest – I get real tired of the same writing activities over and over! You can only read “I like…” so many times in a journal, right?

So, I’m trying to mix up what we’ve got goin’ on in our Daily 5 Work on Writing goodies.  So, I’ve introduced Classroom Journals to the kids.

brightly colored version of a shared classroom journal | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

To make, I just bought some cute composition books at Walmart.

Then, I attached the label to the front. It makes it really easy to bring lots of class journal ideas to life!

using a class journal to write about my favorite sport | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

The kids are allowed to take the journals to their spots and write about the topic on the front of the book.  They are supposed to write their name and date {but that doesn’t always happen!}

example of a student's writing and drawing in a journal | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

I keep all of the class journals in a basket on our Daily 5 bookshelf.

They’re free to grab any journal at any time!

multiple journal ideas in a bucket for students to use | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

I love to peek in the journals from time to time to see what they’ve been up to!

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Want to make your own set? Get the freebie below!

Let me know if you try these classroom journals! Do you have other class journal ideas? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thank you so much! This is something I have been wanting to start, but I have no artistic skills what-so-ever.

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