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5 Ideas to Mix Up Your Daily 5 Work on Writing!

Looking to mix up your Daily 5 Work on Writing time? I’m here today to share some new ideas to mix it up and keep it fun!

Card Writing

Work on Writing Card Writing Lucky to Be in First Freebie

If you are anything like me, you love to get cards! I try to send cards to everyone for every reason – birthdays, showers, or even a quick hello! I’m trying to instill this same love of writing cards to my first graders!  We LOVE to write cards – to our parents, to our custodian, our principal and each other!

I photocopy a bunch of blank cards and leave them at our writing center to grab-and-go!

Lucky to Be in in First Thank You Note

We also write a lot of thank you notes, too! If you want to write thank you notes to helpers around your school, check out the Staff Thank You Notes pack. It’s a great addition to any writing center!

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Scribble Story

Work on Writing Daily 5 Lucky to Be in First

 Scribble Stories are a fun way to get kids to write creatively! I have a stack of papers that have random doodles.  The students simply add on to the picture and start writing.  I give them a lot of freedom to write with these papers.  It can be a true story, made up or just a fact they want to share about whatever they’ve drawn!

Letter Writing

Letter Writing Lucky to Be in First

At this point in the year, we haven’t yet gotten to writing letters. However, we’re gearing up to write to our Pen Pals very soon! This paper helps kids follow the proper format of a formal letter.  I’ve included a “blank” version, as well as a version that includes the Dear/From already written to make it a little easier to start those letters!

List Writing

List Writing is a big favorite in our classroom! With this blank list, the students are allowed to make a list about whatever they want – sports, foods, candy, days of the week and so on.

I also grab a lot of list ideas from my Listmania Pack! There are 100 pre-made lists included in this pack! I leave a bunch each week in our writing center and the students can grab a paper that strikes their fancy!

The Weekend Report

The Weekend Report Lucky to Be in First Writing

And last but not least, The Weekend Report! This is a great way to help organize kids writing into three simple boxes – Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Looking for more ways to perk up your Word Work? Click on the picture to find 5 great new ideas!

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PS- If your students are needing quick reminders about punctuation, check out the easy-to-use Punctuation Posters!

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  1. I love all the writing ideas. I do have Thankful Thursday when as a class we decide on two –three people we can write a Thank you to and we go over ideas what they might be thankful for. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas.

    1. Hey Denise!

      You can just click on the picture at the bottom of the post to download the goodies for free 🙂


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