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Celebrating Grandparents and Special People Day

Four of my favorite people are my grandparents! I have fond memories of one Grandma slipping me Werther’s candies every time she hugged me while another Grandma shared wise lessons {that I only truly appreciated much later in life!} My Grandpas were both funny and mischievous! So, I love to give my students a chance to celebrate the special adults in their lives! Special Person’s Day is a special occasion that provides a wonderful opportunity for you to honor the unique bond between special adults and your students.

This day gives you a chance to enrich our classroom communities by connecting generations. As a primary teacher, integrating this special day into your classroom can be both fun and educational! Keep reading for some creative ideas to make this day memorable and engaging for everyone.

Invite Special Adults to Your Classroom for the Day!

Not everyone has grandparents who are living or live close by, so it’s really important to be inclusive and make this day about any special adults in our students’ lives! It can be a grandparent, a neighbor, or simply your students’ parents! You can send out

Kick off the day by inviting the adults with this invitation. You’ll need a free Canva account {but as an educator, you get one} You can edit the details {and play around with fonts and color once you copy the template}

special person's day invitation template free | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch


One of the simplest yet most heartfelt ways to spend time together is by inviting the adults to participate in a storytime session. Encourage them to bring along a favorite book from their child’s or even their own childhood. You’ll be able to sneak in some reading while giving your students a chance to hear some personal stories and memories from their adult.

Create a “Walk Down Memory Lane” Display

Before the visit, ask each student to bring in a photo of their special person. Add the pictures to a bulletin board This visual presentation can serve as a conversation starter and allows students and guests to appreciate the diverse backgrounds and histories within their community.

grandparents day bulletin board idea | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Grandparent Interviews

Equip your students with a list of interview questions and let them play the role of junior journalists! This activity can be recorded using a simple video recorder or even voice recording apps.

You could also do this activity as an at-home activity. I’ve created a simple set of questions that you can use. Keep reading for the freebie at the bottom!

Reflections and Thank You Notes

End the day by having students write thank you notes to their special person. I’ve created two punny templates to use. Expressing gratitude for the time spent together is an important lesson for our students, but will be a cherished note for the adults.

I think you're grate note for students | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Ready for the freebies?

Clipboard with a filled-in interview template about a person named Paula, surrounded by school supplies like crayons and notepads for Grandparents Day.

Make your Special Person’s Day a breeze to plan! I’m sharing the goodies with you! Just enter your info below and I’ll send ’em your way!

Special Person’s Day at school can be much more than a simple visit. It’s an opportunity to engage students in learning about history, storytelling, and the values of respect and gratitude.

By planning thoughtful activities for our students, we can ensure that this day is enjoyable and memorable for both the special adults and students. Let’s take this opportunity to bridge the generational gap and create heartfelt memories that will be cherished for years to come!

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