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Summer Reading List {2023}

It is finally summer around here. Well, the weather is still not ideal but at least I’m finally out of school! This book round-up is my favorite blog post of the entire year {you can catch up on my 2022’s Summer Reads here!}

When I get this post ready each year, I take a look back at my Goodreads account from the last 12 months and decide what my favorite books have been!

I read over 80 books in the last year, so whittling this list to just a few of my faves was a tad bit tricky! My favorite genres are fiction and thrillers but I’ll pretty much read just about anything {well, I don’t love sci-fi or fantasy, if I’m being really honest!}

I always have three books going at once – a book on my kindle, a hardcover, and an audiobook. So that’s the secret for how I read so many books!

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Books You Should Read This Summer

Okay, in no particular order, here are the books that should definitely make it on your TBR list this summer! I’ve included both light reads and some that definitely require a little more of your attention span.

Happy Place

I have loved all of Emily Henry’s latest books and her latest is no exception.

Emily Henry’s latest, Happy Place, is so good and worth all the hype! Harriet and Wyn have been the perfect couple since college. So when everyone gathers at their favorite summer spot for the final time, it should be the perfect weekend, right? Nope! They broke up months ago and never told their friends.

I listened to this book on libro.fm. It’s my favorite place to get my audiobooks since the proceeds goes to a local independent bookstore of your choice!

Same Time Next Summer

It took me WAY too long to pick up Nora Goes Off Script. But once I picked it up, I read it in a day it was that good {sorry, laundry!} I found myself smiling throughout the entire book.

So I was pumped when I saw Annabel Monaghan had another out for the summer, Same Time Next Year.

Sam has a perfect life – a great job, a fabulous fiance, and a wedding to plan. So when her family asks her to join them at their summer house for a few days to find a wedding venue, she is torn. She hasn’t been to the beach house in years because she left a piece of her heart there with her summer love, Wyatt.

When she arrives, Wyatt is there and Sam is left to deal with her feelings.

This book was SO good I did not want to put it down {and was bummed when it ended!}

The Five Star Weekend

Is it even summer if you’re not reading the latest Elin book? No exception this year! But what’s even COOLER this year is that I am featured {as a teeny tiny!} character in her latest book! Yep! Go check me out on the page!

Hollis Shaw is mourning the loss of her husband. She plans a “Five Star Weekend” at her home on Nantucket, inviting four women from different phases of her life. It’s heartwarming, sad, honest, and beautiful to read about the different seasons we all go through.

Remember when I met Elin a couple of summers ago on ACK? Yeah, I still pinch myself! She truly is one of the sweetest, honestly good people. It’s not an act for Insta!

Notes on an Execution

Notes on an Execution is not a beach read but it is a book you should read! It weaves the story of a man sitting on death row {convinced he has not done anything wrong} with the women who have been affected by his choices.

It was one of the heaviest books I read this year, but the book that stuck with me the most.

Secretly Yours

Last summer I shared my love of Tessa Bailey {and her spicy books!} This past spring I got her latest book, Secretly Yours from The Book Drop. Super cute and swoony.

Hallie has had a crush on Julian since she was 14. After a night of drinking Hallie pens a note for Julian to find. It’s a darling story that unfolds.

I’m adding the follow-up book, Unfortunately Yours to my summer reading list!

The Lost Ticket

Last year I treated myself to a subscription from Once Upon a Book Club. It is SUCH a fun treat. Each month, you get a book and gifts that go along with the book. So as you’re reading, a Post-it will appear on a page reminding you to open the gift that goes along with the page. I’ve gotten so many fun treats {from hats to sketching pencils!}

One of the first books I got was The Lost Ticket and it is simply a delightful read!

Libby moves to London for a fresh start in life and on her first day, she meets Frank on the bus. Frank rides the #88 bus every day looking for the woman he fell in love at first sight with decades before. Libby teams up with Frank’s caretaker to find the mystery woman.

It is heartwarming and will restore your faith in humanity – there are kind people out there!

The Dead Romantics

This was another fabulous book from The Book Drop. And I’ll be honest, I never would have picked this book up at the bookstore. Never! But I guess the Book Drop knows me better than I do 🙂

Florence returns to her hometown when her father unexpectedly dies. She’s run from this town for years and now she is faced with ghosts {both real and imaginary!} that she must face.

I know it sounds far-fetched, but I promise it’s worth picking up!

A few more to check out

Books I Want to Read This Summer

Here are a few books that I can’t wait to get my hands on this summer!

On Fire Island

Cover Story

The Friendship Breakup

The Seven Year Slip

Saturday Night at the Lakeside Supper Club


Do you have any books that I must read? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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  1. A few of your faves, have been on my ‘to read’ list. I usually pick up crime & mystery reads, (Connelly, Dugoni) but recently read ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ (chilling) and Isabelle Allende’s ‘A Long Petal of the Sea’ (I love her writing)

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