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Math Puzzles for Clever Kids

You may remember that a couple of years back I wrote Logic Puzzles for Clever Kids. Well, I am SO thrilled to share my latest book, Math Puzzles for Clever Kids! This math-focused logic book is the perfect follow-up to my first logic book!

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I am a firm believer that all kids can solve hard problems – we just simply need to teach them how to solve challenging puzzles!

In this latest logic book, focused on math, there are tons of opportunities to give your child a chance to discover how exciting math can be! It’s packed full of puzzles that teach essential PreK-Kindergarten skills – from counting to naming basic shapes to early problem-solving.

Logic Skills Covered

Math Puzzles for Clever Kids is broken into 7 skills: Number Recognition, Counting & Matching, Shapes & Patterns, Measurement & Comparisons, Addition & Subtraction, Deductive Reasoning, and Problem Solving.

Each skill has 8 puzzles to practice – all through fun activities such as puzzles, sudoku, matching, and more.

Kids can hop around the book – no need to do the activities in order.

Parent Support

We know that parents are the number one teacher in a child’s life. Although our kids may not always listen to us, we are their first {and most important!} teachers.

At the beginning of each chapter in Math Puzzles for Clever Kids, I share a bit about each skill so you have an understanding of the importance of each of these logic skills.

Additionally, each page has a Parent Prompt so you can challenge your child a bit more!

I know your child will LOVE working through these logic puzzles!

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