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Celebrating Lunar New Year in the Classroom + Free Word Search

I LOVE celebrating Lunar New Year in my classroom! This is such an amazing holiday that stretches out over two weeks – how amazing is that?!

There are so many wonderful traditions that families across the world honor and I love when my students share how their own families celebrate!

activities for the lunar new year in the classroom | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

As you introduce the idea of Lunar New Year, it’s important to remind students that every family celebrates differently – just as they may celebrate Christmas or Easter differently than their own classmates.

Although many of the traditions are similar throughout Asia, each country has its own unique traditions and foods that they use in their celebrations.

Activities for Lunar New Year

I could fill all two weeks of this holiday with activities in my classroom! Keep reading to learn about a few of my favorite ideas!

Lunar New Year Vocabulary

To kick off our unit, I introduce important vocabulary related to the Lunar New Year. We discuss the importance of each word.

These words are the perfect addition to a Center to give your students a chance to put the words in ABC order {there is also a worksheet included to give your students this opportunity, too}

examples of lunar new year vocabulary | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Lunar New Year Mini-Book + Zodiac Posters + Zodiac Spinner

We discuss that each year is represented by one of twelve animals. Each animal embodies important characteristics that those born in that year possess. I like to hang all of the posters in the classroom so the students can see what each animal represents.

Then, we put together a spinner so the students can share with their families all about these animals. The kids get so excited when they figure out what animal represents the year they were born!

Next, we illustrate this fun little mini-book! It gives the students a chance to read about the important traditions and illustrate.

lunar new year mini book activity | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Since the dragon is such an important symbol for Lunar New Year, we always make this darling puppet! It’s simple to do – you just need two popsicles for each student!

Zodiac Art

I absolutely LOVE making these fun handprint animals each Lunar New Year!

zodiac art examples done by 1st graders | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

My only tip: call your students to a small table in your room and make these animals in small groups! It’s way easier than trying to manage this as a whole group activity.

Lunar New Year Printable Worksheets

There are worksheets that you can follow up with – they are great for homework, Centers, or early finishers!

printable lunar new year worksheet for students | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

You can find the Lunar New Year in the Lucky Store!

Books for Lunar New Year

Below are affiliate links.  By purchasing an item on Amazon using these links, I will receive a small commission on your purchase. For more information about my Disclosure Policy, please visit this link.

How can I narrow my favorite books to just a few?! I will note that most books you find focus on Chinese New Year instead of Lunar New Year. Just keep that in mind as you read to your students!

Lunar New Year by Hannah Eliot is a wonderfully illustrated story that gives a beautiful overview of how this amazing holiday is celebrated in China.

I’ve had Bringing in the New Year in my classroom for years! This story follows one family as they prepare for the upcoming New Year. It’s filled with great vocabulary, too!

Sam and the Lucky Money is a book with a big message – giving to others. Sam is so excited to spend his leisees {money from his red envelope} but he’s disappointed when he discovers it’s not enough to buy all the things he wishes for. However, Sam quickly discovers he can share his small fortune with someone who needs much more than he does.

Videos About the Lunar New Year

Here are a few informative videos that give lots of great information about the New Year!

This next video was made in 2021 {so it highlights the Year of the Ox} but it’s still filled with great information about the holiday. It also mentions many of the other Asian countries that celebrate Lunar New Year.

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Celebrating Lunar New Year in the Classroom Recap

From traditional crafts and storytelling to interactive lessons on the cultural aspects of this festive occasion, you can make this Lunar New Year fun for your students.

By embracing Lunar New Year celebrations in the classroom, you can create a vibrant and enriching learning experience that promotes cultural awareness and appreciation.

Do you have any favorite activities for celebrating Lunar New Year? Tell me in the comments.

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