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Best Spotify Stations for the Classroom

Maybe it’s my ADHD or maybe it’s just because I love it, but I’ve always had music playing in my 1st grade classroom! From the moment my students walk in the door {where classical music greets them} to more upbeat music {during art} there is often music playing in our classroom.

For the primary classroom, Spotify offers a diverse range of stations that can suit different activities and moods. Keep reading to learn more about my favorite stations for the classroom!

Calming Music

These are my favorite stations to play during “work time” so that students can still hear some music, but there are no lyrics to sing along with.

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The Piano Guys

This is a lovely station filled with piano covers of popular songs that are definitely recognizable to students. It’s fun to hear them hum {or even sing!} along with the music!

Vitamin String Quartet

This station is filled with instrumental versions of everyday hits without worrying about questionable lyrics!

Elizabeth Mitchell

Okay, this station breaks the “no lyrics” rule but it gives off a relaxed, coffeehouse feel.

Ocean Sounds

This playlist is simply ocean sounds – all different kinds!

Upbeat Stations

All of these stations are filled with music that have catchy beats or lyrics!

Oldies Classroom Playlist by Miss Bensko

This station features classic hits suitable for swaying along with students. Side note: I’m a little offended at some of the songs she is calling “oldies” 🤣

Definitely check out all of Miss Bensko’s lists – they are all good! My other favorites are the 90’s Babies Classroom and her Instrumental Classroom list.

Jack Johnson and Friends

These are just fun, happy beats and joyful lyrics with a smooth melody. This station is my favorite to put on during art time.

This Is Disney

Who doesn’t love a playlist filled with Disney favorites? Warning – some of these are earworms 🙂

Jamaican Steel Band

This playlist is filled with island vibes with steel drum music.

Do you have any stations you’d add to this list? Let me know!

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