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Winter Bulletin Board Idea

As the winter months roll in, bringing shorter days and colder weather, it’s the perfect time for you to add a touch of warmth and cheer to your classrooms! This winter writing bulletin board craft is the perfect activity to perk up your classroom as the days get colder!

This darling bulletin board idea promises to brighten not just your classroom walls, but also the spirits of your students during these chilly days! Oh, and give you a chance to slip in a cute writing activity, too!

Give your students a chance to show off how BRRR-illiant they are! There are LOTS of options included so this project can work for all the grades!

This bulletin board captures the essence of winter’s magic {with a darling hat!} while providing your students a chance to write about what makes them BRRR-illiant!

Lots of Hat Options!

I’ve included five different hat options so you can mix and match or choose your favorite.

Another fun option is to give your students the blank version and let them get creative! They can decorate the hat with symbols of what they love or just their favorite designs. It’s fun to watch their creativity come out!

Lots of Writing Options

I’ve included two writing prompts in four styles so you can pick what works.

Winter Bulletin Board Idea for the Primary Classroom | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Whether you teach kindergarteners or fifth graders, this bulletin board idea is versatile enough to captivate and inspire students of all ages.

There are half-sheet pages + whole pages, writing prompts for students to write about themselves, and papers to write about their peers.

So many different options to make this cute winter bulletin board work in your classroom!

Ready to make this cute display for your classroom this winter? Go check it out!

Need a stamp for grading for the winter months in your classroom? Here are a couple of my faves to kick off the wintery months!

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