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Exploring the World: Teaching Beginning Geography to K-2 Students

Are you ready to embark on a journey around the world with your K-2 students? Teaching geography to young learners can be a delightful adventure filled with curiosity and wonder. Keep reading to read about my favorite ideas and tips to make teaching beginning geography to K-2 students engaging, educational, and fun.

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Start with the Basics: Maps and Globes

Begin your geography journey by introducing your students to maps and globes. Show them the difference between maps {flat representations of the Earth’s surface} and globes {3D models of the Earth}.

This is a super catchy song to introduce a lot of the important language related to maps and globes.

You can begin to discuss how to identify continents and oceans on a globe and help them understand the concepts of North, South, East, and West.

My favorite song to teach about the directions is below. I learned it 100 years ago and honestly do not know the original source! But go ahead and click on the picture below to grab a copy for your own classroom! It’ll download straight to your computer.

Need a little more practice with beginning map skills? I actually wrote two books on geography! Go check ’em out!

There’s a book for Kindergarten geography skills

And a book for 1st Grade geography skills!

Explore the Seven Continents

Once your students grasp the basics, it’s time to dive into the 7 continents. Hang up a colorful map of the world or better yet…have students color their own maps!

You can grab a class set of these maps and color the continents as you teach about each one.

I love using these color-your-own maps because it gives you a chance to chat about important things found on a map – a compass rose, a map key, and more! Once you introduce the concept, your students will see it in use right away!

Discover Oceans and Seas

Of course, another catchy tune will help your students learn about the 5 oceans!

Make Geography Personal

To make geography more relatable to the unique students in your room, encourage your students to connect it to their own lives. Ask them to share their family heritage and find those countries on a map. Do they have family living in another part of the country or world? Find it on the map!

Share stories of your own travels or invite guest speakers if possible. It can be parents or even some of your own friends! This personal connection can ignite their curiosity and make geography feel more meaningful!

A few years ago I had a student who traveled a lot {because of her dad’s job} She would always make a fun Shutterfly book of photos and bring it into the classroom to share. I loved the conversations that sparked from seeing something cool in a photo!

Travel to the 7 Continents

Each continent is so unique! Take your students on a trip around the world through games, activities, and more! Read more about how I do this in my first grade here!

Teaching geography is not just about maps and locations; it’s also an opportunity to introduce the concept of cultural diversity.

Explore the traditions, foods, and clothing of different countries as you learn about their locations. Encourage students to appreciate and respect the differences among cultures, fostering a sense of global citizenship.

Use Digital Resources

Since traveling around the world is not an option, bring the beauty of the continents to your students! These digital PowerPoint {and Google!} presentations will open your students to a world beyond the four walls of your classroom.

Its-Easy-to-learn-About-the-Seven-Continents-Through-These-Beautiful-PowerPoint-Presentations | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Each presentation is filled with facts and beautiful photos that give your students a chance to peek in on so many amazing wonders of the world.

Learn more here!

Teaching beginning geography to K-2 students is an exciting journey that can spark a lifelong interest in the world around them. Happy exploring!

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