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Ahhhh, Summer…Sorta!

Well hello Friday…we meet again! Funny how these Fridays roll around a little bit quicker now that it’s summer! I’m still in {summer} school, but I’m having a blast with the super small class of 13 and only a half day’s work! Here’s a peek at a few things we’ve worked on!

Since it is summer school, I try to incorporate some fun stuff into the curriculum. This week for math, we made Stunning Centimeter Designs. I always love how these turn out! They are SUPER easy to make {as long as the kids follow directions!}

Click the picture to snag a free copy!

I’m pretty excited to have finally finished my Listmania Pack! One of my Daily 5 Work on Writing activities this past year was writing lists. I bought these super cute little memo pads thinking the kids would love to write in them!

Unfortunately, I often heard those dreaded words, “I don’t know what to write about!” {Cue whiny, nasally six-year old voice}This year I’m getting ahead of the complaints with my Listmania Pack! This pack is filled with 100+ prompts to help kids generate lists during Work on Writing! It gets them creatively thinking, writing, building vocabulary and stretching out those words!

Check it out on the Lucky Store!

We did a few this week during school and the kids certainly got creative!

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    1. Yay – thanks! Yes, I usually have a giant stack, but if you give super clear directions {and do an example in front of them!} they usually do it perfectly!

    1. Of course! I hope your giveaway is a huge success! You should totally do these with your kiddos – they take forever & turn out awesome!

  1. I read the same thing about Ebates Molly and I am shoppin' up a storm over here. No, not impulsively. I 'm just buying the things I need but it's still fun to get money back. Unfortunately, I'm in Canada where EVERYTHING is so super expensive so I really try to get free shipping.

    I liked your centimeter designs – really pretty!

    🙂 Shelley

    The Perks of Teaching Primary

    1. That would be SO annoying to see things for so much cheaper in the US, then have to pay more the Canada! At least you'll get an eBates kickback!

  2. I heard about Ebates awhile back and signed up for an account. I've yet to use it though. After seeing how much money you got back, I'm definitely going to remember to check it out next time I buy anything online! Thanks for the tip! I'm loving all of the adorable classroom ideas you shared as well. I've already downloaded the Stunning Centimeter Designs instructions and am tucking the idea away for future use. They look so cool! 🙂

    Primary Junction

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