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Teaching Students Their Address Worksheets!

Technology is awesome and makes our lives so much easier, right? We can quickly tap a button and call someone or look up an address with the swipe of a finger! But the flip side of that incredible technology is that we’re becoming lazy! A simple thing like learning an address is becoming a thing of the past.

help your students learn their home address printable worksheet | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

We no longer need to memorize important phone numbers or addresses. And sadly, it’s trickling down to our children.

To help my students learn this important life skill, we started writing letters to each other. Not only are they learning addresses, but they’re also learning the proper way to write a letter and address it. How’s that for sneaking in some skills!?

example of worksheets to help students learn their address | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

How to Teach Students & Kids to Learn Their Address

To begin, I asked our secretary to print out each child’s address for me. Then, we walked through writing each child’s address onto their “page” in the address book. In the pack, I’ve also included directions for asking parents to help their children write their addresses together.

example of a fake letter students can write to each other with fill in the blank spaces for their name address and zip code | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Once everyone completed their page {with the proper capitals, spelling, and spacing!} I bound the addresses into the Classroom Address Book.

overhead shot of the classroom address book | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

From there, students were able to write letters and address their letters to classroom friends.

a letter a student wrote on a printable worksheet to help learn her address | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Over time, students eventually learn their addresses {as well as many classmates’ addresses, too!} This activity is the perfect addition to our Work on Writing block in Daily 5! Kids can’t get enough letter writing and it’s definitely a crowd favorite!

printable worksheet for helping students learn their address | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Recap of Teaching Students Their Address

You can snag the Classroom Address Book + Letter Writing pack in the Lucky Store here!

Teaching your students how to memorize their home address is a useful skill, even if technology is trying to change that. The address book and letter writing pack make it fun, easy, and simple for you (just print and go)!

Hope this helps your kiddos!

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