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First Grade Classroom Tour!

Hello everyone! It’s the night before school begins and I have a to-do list as long as my class list. However, I thought now would be the perfect time to share my classroom photos! That Back to School Night Book, those student labels, and giant pile of laundry can all wait!

Enjoy the photos {at the cost of an art project not being prepped tonight!}

Classroom Library

Over the summer I purchased ALL NEW fancy schmancy baskets! Big score at Big Lots! You should have seen JB’s car. I think he doubted my ability to fit all 40 baskets into his car, but in true teacher form, I did it! Love the colors!

My library will probably look this nice for 4 seconds.

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Readmore Bear

Readmore Bear is all set to meet the kids tomorrow.  He is still a true Giants fan {he doesn’t care that they are 18.5 games back.  Wah!}


I was putting my calendar up this morning and I realized that I absolutely hate the numbers that came with the Lakeshore set.  So, I whipped up some numbers, days, and months that would make me happy.

Daily Schedule Magnets

I am a firm believer that all classrooms should have a daily schedule. Not only does it help keep YOU on track, it’s a great visual for students to follow along throughout the day. I’ve found that it lessens the anxiety some friends have when they can see exactly what the day will bring!

You can find these editable Daily Schedule cards here!

Daily Schedule Clocks

I bought three clocks at Ikea for two bucks each and labeled them with the important times. I think the last clock is my favorite 🙂

For the record, that second hand is really bugging me. So, I may put a battery in the clock for 19, 36 and 55 seconds to get it right on the minute!}

Noise Meter

My NOISE board is all set! I can’t wait to start my year with a little quiet! {You can snag the FREEBIE by signing up on the form below!}

Daily 5 Area

Here’s a peek at my Smart Cookie Math Board and Daily 5 hub.  I still need to fill it with some more stuff! Fortunately, it takes a while to build that stamina, so I have some time 🙂

Please note: since writing this blog post, I no longer post the Smart Cookie Jars on a bulletin board. The students keep their jars inside of his/her desk so their levels are their business only!


I put my favorite Really Good Stuff name tags down using velcro {one of my favorite teacher tools!} It makes changing desks throughout the year a breeze!} Folders on the desk include a Parent Questionnaire, list of sight words, In the Car Activities and a few other important school forms.

Want a copy of these Back to School Goodies? Make sure to check out this post for all the FREEBIES!

Door Decor

I’m in love with my door – Check Out This Year’s Playlist!

You can grab it here!

    Need other door ideas? Make sure to check out this post for unique back to school bulletin boards!

    Random Things

    • My super cute {and editable} labels from That’s So Second
    • “Whoooo Needs a Turn & “Whooo’s Had a Turn” Pick Me Stick Tins {made with my Cricut!}
    • My Magnetic sheet metal cabinets {these are the greatest addition to a classroom for hanging artwork up!}
    • Adorable Going Home phrases poster from Christina Bainbridge
    • Tattle Phone made with my Cricut & a cheapo phone
    • Poster again because it’s so cute {and I wasn’t about to make another collage!}
    • Fabulous lazy susan catch-all my sister made me!

    10 Responses

    1. Molly, I am going CRAZY over your Tattle Phone! I have an old cell phone that would be perfect for it— YAY! And your calendar numbers and cards look amazing! So excited that I got to take a peek at one AMAZING classroom!
      Great job!

    2. Love your library and your Smart Cookie board. Sooooo cute! BTW, Go Giants (even if they got swept by the Dodgers. I noticed you went to SMC…so I'm thinking you're close to me. I teach in Concord. Are you nearby?

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