Want to add FUN to your Math block?

Smart Cookie Math Multiplication

Have your students mastered their addition and subtraction facts using Smart Cookie Math?

It’s may be time to move on to Smart Cookie Math for Multiplication!

This sequential program takes the students through 30-problem basic math fact tests, one fact family at time.  By the end of the program, they will master their multiplication facts for the 1-12 families!

Keep track of student progress with this yummy display!

{This is the display for my 1st graders!}

Students are rewarded for successful completion of a level with a “cookie”. The unit includes several versions of the cookie jars {big, small, and black & white} and a variety of options for cookies. One option is to buy circle labels {either big or small} and print for easy use! Circle punches are a simple way to cut these cookies as well. Fun cookie shaped letters are also included for a fun bulletin board display!

For the black & white version, students color their progress as they pass!

All materials can be easily organized in a plastic file box. I’ve included labels that will make finding levels easy for the kids. {This is a picture of the 1st grade set – there’s only 21 levels for multiplication!}

You can keep track of students’ levels with the progress chart. Showing progress is always important for young learners!

And reward their knowledge with an award for completion!

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s included!

Go grab Smart Cookie Math Multiplication!

Did you know that there’s also an App for that?!?! Click on the picture to learn more!

Or head on over to the App Store to Snag it!

If you’re interested in the addition & subtraction Smart Cookie Math, check it out here!

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  1. That is super cute! Just thinking of kids being called 'smart cookies' made me smile. I also have a math linky on Thursdays if you ever want to post something for that too : )~LucyKids Math Teacher

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