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I’m a TV Star…Kinda!

This week was amazing for SO many reasons.  First off, we’re on break…’nuff said. However, this week was filled with excitement – a new ‘do, a favorite things party with my favorite people & I was lucky enough to go to one of  Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways!!!

I was selected as a “Deserving Teacher” to attend a taping for one of her 12 Days. So, my sister and I {along with my dad!} road tripped to LA for the taping. Oh my goodness – what a fabulous experience!

My sister and I anxiously waiting to get in! {We didn’t plan to dress as twins!}

We were in the second row {we were seriously feet away from Ellen!}

She danced RIGHT in front of me – I went crazy!

She gave us some incredible prizes. I am SO grateful for all of the fabulous goodies & the experience!


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