Want to add FUN to your Math block?

Alright, Stop. Collaborate & Write!

Lucky’s back with something outta sight. Haha! I just can’t help busting into a rap when I hear any part of a Vanilla Ice song!

I am beyond excited about my latest product! I think I actually had just as much time naming the product as I did creating it!

In my classroom, we do TONS of class books! So, this year, I started making the pages cute so I could share with others! I seriously started making this product months ago and it’s finally done! Class books are a hot commodity in my classroom library. I love that the students are motivated to write and read!

Here’s a peek at a few I actually thought to take pictures of {before I raffled them off to the kids at the end of the year!}

LOVE that she said that Smart Cookie Math was her favorite part of the year!

And as you can see, my kids know I mean business in class – especially about respect!

You can either grab the entire year of Class Books or check out the monthly packs!

I put all of our books together with My Magical Machine!

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Now I’ll just leave you with my friend, Rob {did you even know that was his real name?!}

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