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That’s Driving Me CRAZY!

There are certain things that drive me C•R•A•Z•Y! Some things are totally irrational and silly and other things are big!  But that’s the things with pet peeves – they just drive you bananas for absolutely no reason, right? 

So here’s just a sampling of some things that make me bonkers…in no particular order!

Not pulling over for an ambulance!

Do I really need to explain this one? What if it was your mother, father, sister, or child in that ambulance.  Move to the side, people!

Not using your blinker!

While we’re still in the car, please use your blinker. You’re driving me crazy and I get crazy road rage. Like scary road rage. {Not like “Oh, I saw that person on the news with her road rage” crazy but close} So please just use your blinker!

Calling San Francisco ‘San Fran’!

It’s a dead giveaway that you are not from around here when you refer to San Francisco as “San Fran” or “Frisco.” No one calls it that!  You are allowed to call it San Francisco or The City {yes, in capital letters}

While we’re at it, you don’t ride trolleys here in The City. You get on a cable car – we are not in Mr. Roger’s neighborhood!

 Using “hubs” or “hubby”

This is an irrational and silly one. It just hurts my ears.  We can still be friends if you refer to your husband as “hubs” but just know it makes me cringe just a bit 🙂

Not saying “Thank You” for a TpT Freebie!

As teachers, I think we all spend a lot of our time working on manners with our kiddos! When we give students anything, we expect them to say, “Thanks!” Even if it’s that homework folder or math test!

However, as teachers, shouldn’t we do the same? It takes sellers a lot of time to create resources. When you hop on over and snag that freebie over on Teachers Pay Teachers, I hope you’ll be kind and leave some love!

Blinking Numbers on a Microwave

WHY can’t you just clear the extra time?!

“Perfect” Lives on Social Media

As I scroll through my Facebook and Instagram feeds each day, I often have to remind myself that social media does not always tell the whole picture of one’s life.  These social media platforms are a “highlight reel” – we often only see people all dolled up, kids in their Sunday best, and homes all shiny and clean.  It’s easy to get caught up in everyone’s “perfect” life and go down that ugly road of comparison. I’m reminding you that life is not supposed to be shiny and clean all the time! It’s supposed to be  messy and full of mistakes!

So, what gets on your nerves? I’d love to hear {so I am reassured that I’m not the only C•R•A•Z•Y one out there!

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  1. Molly, hello and thank you for your blog! I was enjoying yet another summer break morning (I’m a first grade teacher too!) as I normally do– by getting on my tablet and going on either TpT or Pinterest and I lucked on to your blog page. I love it! Not only is your page informative and entertaining but it is CURRENT, which is a big deal because there’s nothing worse than finding a great blog, only to discover that all the posts are from several years ago.

    So, now that I have said all that, I would like to reply to your pet peeve list. I also feel major rage when others do not use their blinker/turn-signal. It’s so annoying because it’s so selfish. Also, I agree on the term “hubs” or “hubby”. What are we…8? Adults trying to be cute is not cute. Along that same line, I really hate to hear men call their wives “the wife”. For example, “I would love to go but I think I am doing something with THE WIFE that day”. I’m not exactly sure why I hate this so much. Just seems…I don’t know…like there is so little respect there that her name can’t even be used.

    Also, on your June favorites, you wrote about your affinity for Coconut Oil. I too share this affinity and just kind of stumbled across the idea of using it as a moisturizer when I saw it at Marshall’s or TjMaxx. I have been stocking up for the fall/winter months because I live in Indiana and my skin gets soooooo dry in the colder months.

    Thanks again for your blog! I will be checking in often!

    Have a good school year!

  2. Hi Molly! Well, I can certainly relate to this topic. Here are two of my pet peeves: 1. Trying to imitate a Boston accent (even some of the actors on Ray Donovan do an awful accent!). 2. By law, I have to let pedestrians cross the street, and I’m happy to do this. What bothers me is when the person saunters slowly across the street, especially if it’s a younger person. I’m 55, and when someone stops while I’m crossing the crosswalk, I run and wave thank you. Oops, I just thought of a third peeve, making believe you don’t see someone when they’re in the crosswalk – happens all the time. Drivers are distracted, that’s for sure!

    1. A fake Boston accent! Yes, it drives JB crazy {because he’s from Boston!} And seriously, move it across the street already!

  3. Oh, Molly, your post made me chuckle. I, too, get annoyed by those who do not use their blinkers, but I get even more annoyed when people do not GO when the light turns green. I hate having to beep the horn but sometimes there’s no other option. I might make myself a bumper sticker that says PAY ATTENTION! Thanks for post! Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  4. I detest the expression FURBABY!

    I dislike classroom transformations. How long before we are expected to do one of these expensive and time consuming monstrosities?

    But my ultimate tooth grating, makes me want to scream pet peeve is when teachers refer to their students as friends. As in, “friends, it’s time to line up.” I love my students but they aren’t my friends. My friends can drive cars and drink alcohol.

  5. Molly,
    I have appreciated you and your products for some time now. Everything that you do is so nicely made and teacher friendly. I often wonder how you ever have time to do all that you do?

    I detest the term “Me bad?” So annoying when kids use that phrase, but I actually hear it more from adults and it grates on my nerves!

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