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Super Simple Science Ideas

I don’t know about you but my lesson plans have Science lessons written in them. So why is it that the lessons never get done? 

 Well, maybe it is the unannounced fire drill, the parent that had to talk privately to me right as the morning bell rang, or the guided reading lessons I just can not wrap up in 20 minutes or less.

 Or being completely honest, I don’t feel like Science is one of my strengths when it comes to teaching.  Reading, writing, math…I could teach 24-7 but Science…well, it kind of scares me! I know I can teach it…I just feel so much pressure.

 My students love Science.  My students beg for it and ask every day, “Are we going to do Science today?”  Well, I have decided that I can no longer look into those big, beautiful, inquiring minds any longer and lie!  

My students deserve to be taught Science with all the excitement and energy I give all the other subjects.  I have found these interactive and effective ways to teach Science {while tying in a little reading, writing, and math}.  My hope is to relieve the pressure I normally feel. And, I hope they can do the same for you.

Here are some great Science activities for you to do with your class that covers pretty much all of the Science standards for the year.   

To start, we always read, What is Science? It’s eye-opening for students to see Science is everywhere!

Physical Science

Activate Prior Knowledge

It discusses the states of matter using appropriate vocabulary &  graphics to activate your student’s prior knowledge of the states of matter.

 You could show this video multiple times throughout your unit to increase the comprehension of your students.

Anchor Charts!

Here’s a little set of printable States of Matter Posters! Sign up below to snag the FREEBIES!

Interactive Lesson

Melissa over at Learning Lab Resources uses Root Beer Floats to really drive home her students understanding of the properties of a solid, a liquid, and a gas!  As they complete the steps to create a Root Beer float they discuss the characteristics of each state of matter.  Writing AND Science? Win-Win!

Can you imagine how quickly you’ll become your students’ favorite teacher with this one?!?!


If you want to get your kiddos up and movin’ as you chat about Solids, I have a Matter Scavenger hunt FREEBIE over here!


Check for Understanding

Use this great FREEBIE from Sheila Melton to assess your students on their understanding of the 3 states of matter. The students will sort common objects into the three categories. Make sure to leave her some TpT ❤️ if you download the file!

Life Science

Activate Prior Knowledge

Who doesn’t love Harry Kindergarten?!?! These songs are great to review of the needs of plants and animals. They would be perfect to use at the beginning of your Life Science Unit. You could also create a great graphic organizer to discuss their similarities and differences of what plants and animals need to survive.

Interactive Writing Lesson & Craftivity

If you don’t have the book, What If You Had Animal Teeth!? By Sandra Markle, in your classroom library, it’s a must!  It is an adorable book that discusses the purpose of why each animal has uniquely shaped teeth that play a huge part in its survival.

{To be honest, ALL of the books from this series are fabulous!}

After reading this book have your students complete this opinion-writing assignment and fun craft by Yolanda L. Arnold.  

Check for Understanding

Use this awesome freebie, Introduction to Habitats of the World: What’s a Habitat? by those fabulous Fluttering Through First Grade gals, to assess your students’ knowledge of the how and why different plants and animals thrive in their natural habitat.

Earth Science

Activating Background Knowledge

Here is another Harry Kindergarten Song that describes the 4 seasons in a year.  It discusses and shows examples of how the weather, environment, and our clothing changes throughout each season.

Anchor Chart

Melissa over at Today In First Grade made this fantastic anchor chart that displays the simple tools used to measure weather conditions.

LaToya Reed at Flying into First Grade created this wonderful Weather Book that you can use to log the changes in weather throughout an entire week.  I know it isn’t easy to predict the weather.  I mean, shoot meteorologists even struggle with this, but I would try to do this activity during a week when the weather will show at least  slight changes! 

I hope this roundup makes Science a little more manageable for you this year!

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