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Election Activities in the Classroom & Voting Activities for Elementary

You may have seen a few hundred campaign commercials these days so you know election season is here! These classroom voting activities will surely be a hit with your elementary students!

How will YOU handle the election in your classroom?

Well, since I teach first grade and I’d like to avoid those awkward convos surrounding the presidential election {or any election for that matter!} I’ve created some activities that are just right for the primary grades!

Voting Booth

Okay, how fun is this voting booth?! To make, I just snagged a box headed for the dumpster and covered it in fadeless paper! {The V-O-T-E letters are inside my election pack!} Then, I used some dollar store streamers and fun tape to finish it off!

diy voting both for 1st grade classroom | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

An alternative to the voting booth is this easy to make {and store!} file folder booth.  I just fancied it up with the tape and sign!

cast your vote here folder style voting booth for an elementary classroom unit about elections | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Get Ready to Vote – Activity for Elementary Students!

To kick off the election season, your students will need to fill out a Voter Registration form!
This is a great time to get your students practicing important information.

example of a voter registration card for a classroom election | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch
voter registration card printables for 1st grade classroom | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Once you’ve approved their application, you can issue their Voter Registration Cards. In order to vote, they need to show this card! 

Campaign Posters

Part of the excitement of our classroom elections is to create a Campaign Poster! Kids get together in groups to state why their classmates should vote one way or another. They decorate a poster listing points for why their “side” is better.

example of a classroom campaign poster about cats and dogs | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

You can also have students stand in front of the class and make a speech with their points! It’s a great way to get kids comfortable speaking in front of a group and practicing those important public speaking skills!

Grab these Election Poster FREEBIES to create your very own campaign posters!

blank campaign poster for elementary students to fill out | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

To weave in a little writing, your students can write about what they plan to vote for.

opinion writing activity about elections | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Cast Your Ballot Activity!

Now the exciting part! Allow your students to visit the voting booth to cast their ballot.  You should review the rules of voting before you begin. We simply discussed that it’s important to vote with your own voice and keep your vote secret.

a student casting a ballot as part of an election unit in their classroom | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

I love how seriously my students take their responsibility!

a 1st grader casting a ballot for a classroom election with a yellow pencil on blue paper | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Reward Your Voters!

After voting, students get an “I Voted” badge.  They wear it proudly 🙂

I voted sticker idea for classroom elections | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Tally Up the Votes!

To extend the lesson, you can have a student of the day tally up the votes and fill out the tally chart.
Or, you could have each student create their own tally chart.

tally up the votes printable activity | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Graph the Votes!

To give students even more practice, get ’em graphin’! The pack has an editable version of this graph so you can tailor the questions to your students’ needs.

graphing voting results for a 1st grade classroom election | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

A Digital Activity/Voting Option is Now Included!

Since we’ve all adapted to teaching with a lot more tech, I’ve now included a Digital version to use in Google Drive!

digital election voting activities for elementary teachers | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Election Book Ideas for Elementary Students!

love a reason to buy new books! Take a peek at my favorite Election books! I think my three new favorites are Snoopy for President & Vote for Me and Monster Needs Your Vote! {affiliate links!}

best election books for elementary students | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Amelia Bedelia’s First Vote

Otto Runs for President

Today on Election Day

If I Ran for President

Snoopy for President

Grace for President

Duck for President

One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote

Vote for Me! 

Monster Need Your Vote

Recap of Fun Classroom Election Activities for Elementary

You can snag ALL of these goodies inside my Get Out & Vote pack. I’ve also included an editable version so you can create your own ballots, tally charts & graphs!

What other classroom election activities have your students enjoyed?! Tell me in the comments!


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PS- Check out some fun Presidents’ Day activities & crafts here!

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  1. Hi, can you edit the text on the sheets, like in the voter registration form so it can be used in other countries?

    1. Hi Steph!

      It is not editable. However, after you purchase, shoot me an email and we’ll make sure yu can use it with your class!


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