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10 Binge-Worthy Shows

Now that it’s summer, I finally have time to catch up on all the shows that I never get a chance to watch during the school year!

Below is a list of what JB and I just couldn’t watch quick enough!

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You guys, this show is HYSTERICAL!! It’s available on Amazon Video. The premise is that Rob {from Boston} & Sharon {from London} have a one-week stand…and she accidentally gets pregnant.  They try to make a go of a relationship – and they realize that they’re thrown into a brand new relationship without even knowing one another.  You can easily finish the three seasons in a weekend!

Jane the Virgin

I started watching Jane the Virgin on Netflix a few years ago on Winter break.  You will laugh out loud at this telenovela.  Jane is accidentally artificially inseminated by her boss and the plot is the fallout from that craziness!

The Fall

The Fall is also on Netflix. It’s a dark mystery that follows a serial killer and his victims. It’s absolutely brilliant. I am not a fan of creepy stuff, so I can assure you this will not give you nightmares or anything!

Orange is the New Black

I’m sure you guys already know about this one, but it’s always worth mentioning.  JB and I even rewatched last season before binging on this season!

Mozart in the Jungle

I had no idea the New York Symphony could be so entertaining {no offense!} Mozart in the Jungle follows an aspiring oboist, Hailey, as she enters the world of the New York Symphony. It’s highly addicting!

Rizzoli & Isles

I love Law & Order SVU, so I was excited to try out Rizzoli & Isles. You guys, I had NO idea how great this show is!  It follows a detective and medical examiner who are best friends…and complete opposites.  You can catch up on this show over on Hulu.


This is an oldie, but goody. I came to the Parenthood party well after the show was going. I can promise you that you will cry every.single.episode.  I’m not even an emotional person and I balled!! And the finale?? Forget it! JB was actually worried about me! Just love those Bravermans! All seasons stream on Netflix.

Grace & Frankie

Okay, this may be the best show I’ve watched this year.  It’s absolutely hysterical and has a fabulous cast! Grace & Frankie are stunned when their husbands want to divorce them…and why! You will honestly laugh out loud! It’s a Netflix original.

One Mississippi

You may know that I am a huge stand-up fan {Jim Gaffigan, Bill Burr, and Louis C.K. are my faves!} But Tig Notaro is up there! This is a dark comedy inspired by Tig’s life, but it’s SO good! It’s an Amazon Original {included with an Amazon Prime membership!} You will burn through Season 1 in no time.

Better Call Saul

JB was a huge Breaking Bad binge-er {is that a word!?} a few years ago. I’ll be honest, I just couldn’t get into it. However, when he started watching Better Call Saul, I was hooked! It’s a prequel to Breaking Bad, focusing on Jimmy, a character who later shows up in Breaking Bad!

I have an Amazon FireStick and I travel with it! You just plug it into the HDMI port on the TV and sign it.  It’ll give you access to Amazon, Netflix and Hulu {if you have subscriptions}! Totally worth the money!

I have many more suggestions {Scandal, Revenger, How to Get Away with Murder, Fuller House, etc.} but I don’t want you to think that all I do is spend my days in front of the TV {ha!}

Do you have any must-watch suggestions? Leave a comment and let me know!


3 Responses

  1. Love Transparent on Amazon; Turn: Washington’s Spies on AMC. I’ll definintely check out One Mississippi because I’m a fan of Tig Notaro, too! My friend also loved Catastrophe so I want to watch that now.

    1. I am totally going to try Transparent! I’ve heard that is great but I’ve never watched it! Thank you!!

  2. I agree about Catastrophe. It’s so funny and I was amazed at how much I cared about these 2 people.

    I’d add Episodes and a Danish series called Rita. It’s about a teacher. Very interesting to see how their schools differ from ours. Rita is a great teacher and a pretty messed-up person.

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