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Fun Facts for First Graders & Students

Years ago, I began sharing random, fun facts with my students. At first, I did it simply because I love fun facts myself. I’m a little bit of a nerd. Over time, the fun facts became a part of our daily routine.

My 1st grade students looked forward to learning what the new fact of the day would be. And I looked forward to seeing their excitement as they learned something new!

a few fun facts printed out to share with first grade students | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

How to Display Fun Facts

I have all of the facts printed on posters. This makes it easy for me to simply hang up a new poster every day to share our daily fun facts. I display one Did You Know? Fact each day. I printed them all out at once and organized in a folder. Each day as I set up my calendar, I simply pull out a new fact. Believe me…if you don’t, your students will definitely let you know!

I like having a “Did You Know?” bulletin board in my room to display the posters for the month.

a did you know board for displaying fun facts | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

But, in the age of distance learning, many teachers have gone digital. If you don’t want to print and display the facts posters, you can also project them on your SmartBoard for students to see each day. The ones that spark the most conversation can later be printed out and bound into a class book for students to re-read!

is it impossible for most people to lick their own elbow fun fact card | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

You can check out my Fun Facts Posters here!

Benefits of Sharing Fun Facts with Your Students

Fun facts can simply be shared for fun, as the name suggests. You don’t necessarily need to make every poster a giant learning opportunity. But, some of the benefits that I have seen over time include:

  • Students have an interest sparked in a topic they may not have been interested in before. One fact can resonate with a student and inspire further research. Students may start reading more or writing about the fun facts they have learned. They also sometimes conduct their own research to learn more!
  • Interesting discussions are held and connections are made. My students started to see the connections between different facts and different animals. These discussions tied in really nicely with what we were learning and reading, or science. So many cross-curricular connections were made!

If you are looking for a fun new routine for your classroom this year, I highly recommend sharing a daily fact with your students. Everyone will learn something new every single day, and in the meantime, your students will understand that learning can be really fun!

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