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Did You Know? Random Facts to Share with Your Students

Did you know that most of the dust in your house is actually dead skin cells? Did you know that your hair and nails continue to grow after you die? Did you know the average person produces enough saliva in their lifetime to fill 2 swimming pools? Crazy, right? Who doesn’t love such random fun facts?

If you did not know…I am fascinated by random facts.  Growing up, I would read those Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers and Imponderables books for fun!  The more random, the better.  It kinda drives my family crazy when I spout off these random {and often unrelated facts} into our convos!

But, it got me thinking…kids would probably love random facts! So, I started posting a random “Did You Know” fact for my kids each day {age appropriate, not the gross ones from above!}. They ate it up! I had parents telling me all the time that their kids couldn’t wait to share the fact of the day!

I then realized that there are probably kids across the country that would love these facts, too! All 180 facts are now packed up in Geekin’ Out with Facts for you to use in your room, too!

Display Your Facts!

I used my Cricut machine to turn an ordinary small whiteboard into our Did You Know? board. Each day, I simply put up a new fact. The kids BEG me to be the one to read it aloud!

Geekin' Out Facts | Lucky to Be in First

These random facts spark great conversations…and often lead more discovery {seeking out library books, going online to learn more info, etc.!}

I’ve included a digital version so you can also project your fact each day, too!

I am certain your students will love these random facts.

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