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Let’s Get Organized!

Isn’t January the perfect time to organize a bit more? At the beginning of the school year, we start off with the best intentions! However, fast forward a few {tired} months and papers are not where they should be, blocks are hidden in kids’ desks and colored pencils are up noses!

To keep me on top of all of the papers I have in my room, I file everything! For things I’m going to use in the next month {copies, samples, and other supplies} I keep those in a small file cabinet right next to my desk. On the day of, I can grab everything from that file to use! It’s perfect!

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To keep all of my files organized for the rest of the year, I use my Binders, Minders & Finders.

https://mollylynch.myflodesk.com/binder-mindersEverything is so tidy and put together! You can get a jumpstart on organizing your binders using this Binder Minder & Finders Bonus Pack!

Liked the freebie? Here’s the full pack!

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