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Valentine’s Day Activities for Elementary Students & Classrooms

Happy Valentine’s Day! Your sweet students also get excited about this special day, just like you do. Get ready for some fun Valentine’s Day activities for K-2 students to try in your classroom. Here are a few to get you started!

valentine note writing and vocab activities for k-2 classrooms | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Make Valentine’s Day Cards

This is a super fun and effective Valentine’s Day activity. 👇

Of course, parents and friends love homemade Valentine’s Day cards! First, just grab some art supplies: colored paper, crayons, markers, stickers, and colored pencils. If you’re brave enough, break out the glitter. I’m not brave enough but you do you!

One of my favorite activities in the month of February is to add a Valentine Letter Writing center to our Work on Writing stations. It’s a way for kids to take some time to create a treat for their friend…while sneaking in some writing!

valentine's day card activity to improve handwriting and vocab skills | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

To get it started, you’ll create a list of your students and print out the preferred paper. As students visit the Center, they’ll pick a classmate’s name from the list and write a card. The goal is for each child to write a note to each student in the class. I like to pass out the cards at the end of each day. I love reading what they write to one another and the kids get SO excited to have notes from their friends!

I include some vocab words at the Center to help the students generate ideas.

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Create a Love Bug Craft Activity

Next, love bugs are one of my favorite Valentine’s Day activities for K-2 kids! First, have children draw and cut out the shapes to make a love bug. Next, use a circle for the head and a long oval for the body. Finally, add pipe cleaner antennas and googly eyes for a fun look.

Who doesn’t love a love bug? Of course, each student can name their love bug and share it with the class. To extend the activity, you can encourage your students to write a story about their love bug!

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt for Elementary Students

Everyone loves a scavenger hunt! This is a classic game for elementary classrooms on Valentine’s Day! First, hide some sweet treats or special Valentine’s Day messages in your classroom.

Next, give students clues and let them find the prizes. You can make it healthy and allergy free with cute Valentine’s Day pencils, erasers, or fidgets for prizes found in the Dollar Spot at Target!

Or, mix it up and make it a Find a Friend activity! You can grab a free copy below! This activity will get your students up and moving and learning a bit more about their classmates!

find a friend activity for elementary classroom on valentine's day | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Play Valentine’s Day Bingo

Another fun Valentine’s Day activity is bingo! First, print a simple Valentine’s Day Bingo card. To begin, each child needs a card and markers to place on the pictures they call. Of course, markers can be conversation hearts, stickers, or actual markers to draw on the cards.

Then, you can call out cards from a hat. Vertical, horizontal, or diagonal bingos win a prize!

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two students playing valentine's day bingo together | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Make a Heart Collage

Heart canvases are so much fun for your lovely artists! First, grab a large canvas and divide into sections. Next, have each student draw, paint, or make their own heart using tissue paper or other materials.

You now have each of your students’ hearts to display in the classroom year-round. In addition, you can also have students make their own individual heart canvases for their families.

This classroom activity is perfect for elementary students to spread love on Valentine’s Day!

Play Valentine’s Day Math Activities

Your kids won’t even notice they’re learning math with these Valentine’s Day math games. First, create a picture with various Valentine’s Day pictures. Next, have students count how many cupcakes, heart shapes, or cupid arrows are in a picture. Finally, graph the different colors of cupcakes with a simple bar graph or on a chart. Which color has the most? The least? Make math a holiday event for Valentine’s Day!

Want some Ready to Go games for February? Make sure to check out February’s Centers in a Snap!

math center activities for february and valentine's day | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Start a Valentine’s Day Dance Party

Of course, Valentine’s Day activities for elementary students shouldn’t just be sitting at a desk! Get your kiddos up and moving!

First, put on some Valentine’s Day jams, and let your kids show off their moves! Next, dance with them to show them it’s OK to bet silly. Finally, let them practice their social skills as they watch each other and clap for their friends.

I love PE with Mr. G’s videos!

Valentine’s Day Activities for Elementary Students Recap

With these Valentine’s Day activities for K-2, you’re sure to have some fun in your classroom this February. Overall, these fun games, activities, and crafts are perfect for the season of love!

Whether you are looking for academic Valentine’s Day activities or just plain fun, these activities have you covered!

What Valentine’s Day activities are you planning to do in your classroom? Tell me in the comments.

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