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Math can be fun! Playing games has changed our math routine!

This week I've been furiously working to set up my Math Games Galore.  Our school uses Everyday Math.  One drawback is the pacing of the lessons.  Some will take minutes to complete, while others will take forever! Also, because so much of the program is independent, kids finish at different times, thus creating a huge gap between starting our next subject! This has created a huge discrepancy in the lesson times.

I've struggled the past two years since our adoption to find quality activities to “fill this gap.” Recently, I've seen some awesome ideas floating around Pinterest and other blogs.  So, I thought I'd set aside some time to create my very own version of math stations!

First and foremost, I wanted to make the games completely self-sufficient for the students so that I can focus on those who still need help with the day's lesson.  I purchased four Sterilite stackable drawers at CVS for around $12 each.  This way, I can put all supplies for the game inside and the students can simply slide the drawer out for whichever game they choose to play with their partner.

I labeled each drawer with the title of the game, as well as a graphic for the type of game it is (dice, cards, etc.).  My plan is to switch up the games pretty frequently, so I affixed velcro to the drawer and the back of the cards for a quick change-up solution.

I LOVE this new system and am so excited to see how it works throughout the year! After dedicating one math period to learning the procedures (and rules for each game), I've built up some excitement (and incentive) to finish up their lessons.

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 I also mix up the math games A LOT during the year so the kids don't get bored! You can check out some of our favorite games in these easy Print & Play Math Games! Super simple prep to reinforce super important skills!

Want even more FREE games? Click on the picture read about even more games I use in my classroom!

Do you have any fun games for first grade your kids can't live without?


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  1. We use EDM too, and I agree… The pacing for the range of student needs in the classroom is crazy! I love your math games set-up. Do you typically have the kiddos complete work with a partner so they'll always have a partner to do a game with? Or do you have some independent activities?

    I love your blog! I found you on Oh Boy 4th Grade and I'm your newest follower. 🙂

    The First Grade Scoop
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    1. Thanks so much, Angie! For the games, I always have partner games. However, one option they're also allowed to do is their "Thousands Club." It basically is the same as a the scroll EDM wants you to do, but I've simply stapled ten 100 charts together. They can continue to write and write and write numbers as long as their hearts desire, but they must show me after each page so I can check they're getting the pattern correct.

  2. There doesn't appear to be a link to the Google doc for "Oh no, 7". It is also linked to the doc for Doubles Coverup…… Great and colourful blog, by the way!

  3. I'm loving that spring weather is on it's way too! I found your blog through the currently–I'm your newest follower! Please feel free to stop by if you get a chance!


    The Quirky Apple
    Sparkly, Quirky Lifebox

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