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Fun Indoor Recess Games & Ideas for the Classroom

You know when we were growing up and our parents always told us to save things for a rainy day? Well, as teachers, we kinda should listen to that same warning from our parents to get ready for rainy days! Having some fun indoor recess games prepared and ready will keep your students (and you) happy!

Out here in California, we’re experiencing a bit of a drought, so when we had our first rainy day recess a few weeks ago, my kids went wild! They were going crazy because I hadn’t prepared them for this new “adventure” in the Multi Use Room!

So, like most things, necessity is the Mother of Invention! So, I present to you…Rainy Day Roundup!

To create the Rainy Day Basket, I printed and laminated all of the games.  I  added all the necessary tools kids would need.  My basket includes dry erase pens, markers {which they NEVER get to use!}, Sharpies, pencils, stamp pads and plain paper.  I also threw in some dry erase markers, too.

I wanted to create something that was self-contained so that I could simply send the basket to the MUR with the kids and know they wouldn’t be a bother to the yard duties! Just sitting there like perfect little angels playing games 🙂

a rainy day basket of games and activities for inside recess | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

This pack is filled with good plain fun! Nothing common core related.  Nothing academic.  Just some good old fashion fun!

PS- If you need them, check out common core math worksheets here.

If kids can’t be running around like lunatics on the playground, let’s harness that energy and turn it into something enjoyable while they’re inside!

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math centers in a snap logo | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Here’s what’s included with Indoor Recess Games:

  • Thumprint Art
  • Stuck in a Puddle Dot Game
  • Tic-Tac-Toe Board
  • Sudoku {two versions}
  • Hangman
  • Indoor Scavenger Hunt
  • Cootie Catchers
  • Word Search
  • Symmetry {2 versions}

Remember Cootie Catchers? I used to LOVE making these when I was little {once I finally learned how to do it!} I’ve included a few pre-made versions in the pack, as well as 2 blank templates for kids to completely make up their own!

One is a Physical Fitness Cootie Catcher.  The “fortunes” inside ask kids to do 5 jumping jacks, touch their toes and do other simple movements.  Gotta get that indoor energy out somehow. This Cootie Catcher just has some silly questions kids will enjoy answering!

Next up is Stuck in a Puddle! For this game, kids take turns drawing a line from dot-to-dot.  The child who closes the square writes their name in the box.  Most boxes at the end wins.  This is a HUGE crowd pleaser!

sudoku pages as part of an indoor recess box | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

I personally love the thumbprint animals I made! The kids dip their fingers in stamp pads, then add features to the prints to make animals.  {I am embarrassed to admit how much fun I had while making the posters!}

Who doesn’t love a good Tic Tac Toe game? Just laminate this classic and kids can play forever…or at least until the bell rings!

indoor recess scavenger hunt idea | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Final Thoughts on Indoor Recess for the Classroom

For the kid who’d like to hangout solo during recess, I’ve included a few independent activities, too! All that noise, can you blame them for wanting some peace & quiet?

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Make sure to head over to the Lucky Store to snag this pack! I am SO sorry for all of you who spend months at a time indoors. I will think of you before I start to complain about yard duty in 55 degree weather! Get those Rainy Day Baskets ready and make your indoor breaks a little more enjoyable 🙂

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  1. What a great idea! I have a whole cabinet dedicated to inside recess. We usually have it by surprise. You know, sun is shining and it's pouring down rain.

    We use felt cut into 3" x 3" squares for dry erasers. I get the felt sheets from a craft store for about 25 cents each and cut them down. I get black so they never look dirty.

    I'm going to add this to my wish list. It will really come in handy this spring!

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