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7 Math Board Games for Kids to Build Math Skills

Board games are an incredible tool to help build math skills for 1st graders and young children! From counting, addition and subtraction to learning fractions and logic, board games can provide an entertaining and effective way to improve math skills.

Math board games allow students to practice their math while having fun with family or friends. Board games also help strengthen problem-solving abilities and introduce concepts like probability and statistics.

best board games for kids to learn math skills | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Not only do they engage kids in a unique way, but they provide crucial practice for the basics of mathematics.

I love using board games in my classroom, as well as at home with Luke! Keep reading to learn about my favorite board games that involve math!

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Sum Swamp

Give your students a chance to practice the all-important facts with this swamp-themed game! It can be played with 2-4 players so it’s a great family night or rainy day game!

Pay Day – A Fun Game for Math Skills

Do you remember Pay Day from your childhood? I have fond memories of begging my sister to play this game at my Grandma’s house! I mean, who doesn’t love earning money {even if it’s fake?}

I love that this game can be a quick game or drawn out for a longer game. The goal is to earn the most money and have the most savings by the end. Playing over and over will certainly help your students strengthen their understanding of the tricky money concept!


Years ago, I visited JB’s house for Thanksgiving and his aunt pulled out Qwirkle {they are BIG game players!} Immediately, I was taken with this game because it is addicting…and it works on developing strategy!

As soon as I got home I bought my own and started playing with my {then} young nephews. It’s a great game for strengthening strategy.

Definitely add Qwirkle to your must-play games that use math!


All right – Rack-O is another throwback game for me. I probably played this game hundreds of times when I was a kid. And little did I know at the time that my mom was helping me build my Number Sense through a game 🙂

Two to four players work to order his/her cards from least to greatest first to be the winner. Warning: it’s addicting!

Battle Sheep

One of my favorite rainy day games {that I never won!} was Battleship! I found the modern-day version that is perfect for our young learners – Battle Sheep!

The goal is to occupy the most pastures with your sheep! This game will help build problem-solving and strategy skills.

Story Time Chess

My cousin bought Luke Story Time Chess for Christmas and it is amazing! Teaching chess to a child is no easy feat! But through this darling storybook and thirty quick games, children easily learn the basics.

In our house, Luke plays a game each night. It’s fun to see him actually learning how to play chess {and I’m learning right along with him!}

Little Red Riding Hood

Luke got this Little Red Riding Hood game as a birthday present from a friend and it’s a hit in our house! It strengthens spatial insight, planning, and problem-solving.

To get started, you arrange the house and trees so a child can create a path for the wolf and Little Red to get into the house.

Check out all the games here on Amazon.

Math Board Games Recap

If you’re looking for games to add to your classroom, check out Centers in a Snap! Each month twelve games are delivered to your door with all the materials you need to play.

centers in a snap are easy to play games for math skills | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Do you have any board games you love to share with your students? Let me know below!

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