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Gotta Follow the Rules!

As you know, the first days in any classroom are crucial. In those beginning days, routines, rules and habits are made!

Display the Rules

From the first day my kids walk into my door, the rules are posted. I want them to know that we have very clear rules and it’s a safe space for everyone who walks in our door.

In my early years of teaching, I had a million rules! Okay, maybe not that many but it seemed like I had very specific rules for specific behaviors.

With a little experience under my belt now, I now just have three very simple classroom rules we live by.

Classroom Rules

1. Say & Do Kind Things.
2. Be a good listener. Listen with your ears, eyes, and heart. 
3. Take care of yourself, others, our classroom, and our school.

I’ve learned that basically everything that happens in the classroom can fall under these three rules!  Keep scrolling down to snag a FREE copy of these rules {plus an editable file!}

You CAN edit the rules if you download the file! When you click on the link it will open in Google Docs {which will NOT allow you do edit} PLEASE download the file – I promise it will work! 

To edit the posters, I used the adorable KG What the Teacher Wants Font

Learning the Rules

In the opening weeks of school, we chat a lot about the rules.  A LOT. As in once a day for the first month of school! We even illustrate a mini-book that they share with their families to drive home the point!

I popped by my sister’s classroom to see how the world of 5th grade is! Well, I almost had a heart attack when I saw her rule poster.  I immediately went home and updated it for her.  I’m sharing it with you, too.  Take your pick!

I love this rule because everything falls under it!

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  1. I love the One Rule! That is what we use in our school (it comes from love and logic). We follow it up with: If you cause a problem, I will do something. Cute posters!

  2. I love the editable ones!! We also have five rules! Is there a way to get an editable number five also ;maybe in blue)

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