Want to add FUN to your Math block?

How Would You Like $1378?

Well, I hope that title wasn’t misleading! I am not giving you $1378 – I am simply sharing an easy way for you to save $1378 in this year!

Last year, JB and I attempted to do the Money Savings Challenge for the Year. It was great in the beginning – super easy to add $1 this year, $2 the following week, etc. – adding on a dollar for each week of the year.

That was all fun and games until we went on a month-long vacation in the Summer…and completely forgot to add money to our jars! We tried playing catch up a few months ago, but it’s really tricky to add $40, then $41, etc.

So, this year, I’m changing it up! We plan to attempt the Challenge again BUT we’ll start big and work our way down. Yes, it’ll be a big chunk of money at the beginning of the year, but then when we need to play catch up again next summer, it’ll be a lot easier to add in a few dollars here and there!

Want to try it yourself? Grab it here!

I’ve included a copy with 2020 dates, as well as blank copy too 🙂

We each have a mason jar and a small version of this printout tucked inside the jar. As we add money each week, we just mark it off! I have big plans for this money next year…maybe a honeymoon?!

Want to try a little Meal Planning this year? Pop on over and pick up a freebie HERE!


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    1. Hi Clair – I'm glad you can use this idea! As of right now, I know I won't be able to make it editable. But, I'll add it to my to do list! You could always just white out the totals and rewrite with your own for the time being! Happy New Year!

  1. I love that you did this backwards! I started this last year and only got about halfway before I gave in and spent it. This year my plan was to do it backwards instead in the hopes that it would be a bit more rewarding to see the money add up in the beginning. Thanks for making this! :o)


  2. The hubs and I went through Dave Ramsey's class and saving money has been a huge priority in our lives. We have changed the way we dedicate our money towards 'something'. We know exactly where our money is going every month. I am printing this and having my own extra savings. Thanks for the cuteness!

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