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Mother’s Day Classroom Activities + Crafts for Elementary Students

Mother’s Day is the perfect time for your students to shower the special ladies in their lives with lots of love! Today, I’m sharing a few simple ideas that will make all the important women {moms, grandmas, aunties, and special ladies!} feel the love on Mother’s Day!

These Mother’s Day classroom activities for elementary students are easy, printable, and will be a hit with Moms and kids!

fun activities to help students celebrate mother's day | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

I have five simple Mother’s Day activity ideas for you to whip up in your classroom with your students to send home.

52 Things to Do with Mom – Mother’s Day Classroom Activity

Want a gift that will last throughout the year for the special ladies? Create a 52 Weeks of Fun jar! It’s basically a gift that will keep on givin’ all year long. Every time I use this it becomes one of the most popular Mother’s Day classroom gifts and crafts!

I’ve included a tag that will work for mom, grandma, auntie, and special lady.

A fun Mother's Day Craft, 52 Weeks of Activities for Mom in a Jar | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

The best part of about this Mother’s Day classroom gift is that it’s super simple to make! I asked students to bring in an old spaghetti jar or small mason jar. Then, I printed off the 52 ideas for each student. To make it a bit more colorful, I printed it onto scrapbook paper. The students then cut the strips out and stuffed them into the jar.

These activity jars have been a HUGE hit with the ladies each year we’ve made them!

child holding 52 weeks of fun with mom craft for elementary students | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

You are One Polished Mom Craft

If you’ve been around before, you know that I just can’t resist a good pun {hello, Lucky Stamps!} So, anytime I get a chance to slip a pun into an activity, you know I can’t resist!

PS- Check out all the teacher stamps here!

You are One Polished Mom {Grandma, Auntie, and Special Lady} is such a fun Mother’s Day craft for your elementary students to make for the ladies.

You are One Polished Mom Craft for young kids | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

This fun nail polish cover hides a bunch of awesome prompts your students can answer about their mom.

A simple Mother's Day activity for students to make for their mothers or other special ladies | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

I mean…how can you not smile when you see this adorable Mother’s Day craft?! It’s very simple to prep, but will make a meaningful keepsake for sure.

Flip Books – Mother’s Day Activity

If you are looking for a super simple Mother’s DAy classroom activity, these Flip Books are for you! I’ve included A TON of variations to fit all the important ladies.

mother's day flip book for elementary students | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Here’s the version my niece made for my sister years ago! The best part? My sister still has this keepsake hanging on her bulletin board.

example of fun mother's day crafts for elementary students | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Oh, and if you’re really on top of your game, I have a Flipping for Dad book, too.

One A-Mason Lady Mother’s Day Craft

If you don’t look at this with a smile…you are not telling me the truth! I mean…c’mon! How fun is this mason jar for a Mother’s Day classroom activity!?

mason jar mother's day classroom activity | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

I’ve included a few options for this pack: the craft {shown above}, a card, a mini-book, and a poster. Of course, there are versions for Mom, Grandma, Auntie, and Special Lady!

grandma gift for mother's day | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Printable Mother’s Day Card for Elementary Classroom

Now, sometimes you just can’t go wrong with making a card! Snag this FREE and printable Mother’s Day card for elementary students!

printable mother's day card for elementary students | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

This Mother’s Day Card is as simple as print and go! Bonus: it gives you a chance to sneak in some extra writing practice!

Mother’s Day Classroom Activities Recap

These simple ideas are sure to make those special ladies feel special! I hope these easy-to-use Mother’s Day classroom activities will make this day memorable for your students and of course their Mom (or other special ladies)!

Don’t forget to check out all the fun Mother’s Day crafts for elementary students (and gifts + activities) here!

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