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The Best Teacher Gift Ideas

Let’s be honest – teachers are one of the hardest working professions on the planet. And it’s not like anyone does this job for the pay, right? So the holidays {and the end of the school year!} is the perfect time to shower teachers with the best gifts!

Choosing a thoughtful gift for a teacher is a wonderful way to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication. We know teachers aren’t doing this for any gifts, but it is a nice way to show a little extra appreciation during the holidays.

Keep reading for some holiday teacher gift suggestions!

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Personalized Gifts

I’ve always been a fan of anything with my name on it! Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

Personalized Stamp

The holidays are the perfect time to get your favorite teacher hooked on punny teacher stamps! Lots of options in my shop – from just plain funny stamps to personalized ones!

Personalized School Supplies

Have you seen the darling customized gifts that Brooke makes 😍 I have one of her lanyards but all of the other glitter beauties are swoon-worthy! How cute would one of these signs be on your classroom door?

Go check out her Instagram – you will quickly fill up your wishlist of goodies!

A Gift Card

I mean, who doesn’t love a gift card? It gives a teacher a chance to purchase what they want!

I polled my audience and here are a few favorites they suggested {and a few that I love too!}

⭐️ Amazon – you can literally buy anything!
⭐️ Teachers Pay Teachers – you can buy anything for your classroom! Well, almost anything!
⭐️ Local Restaurants, Cafes or Shop!
⭐️ Libro.fm – have a teacher who loves to listen to books? This is an alternative to Audible {that supports your local bookstore of your choice!}
⭐️ Spa/Pedicure from a local salon

Of course, Target, Starbucks, and Barnes and Noble are always a win, too!


Books would be at the top of my list! But, it’s not the perfect gift for everyone! If your teacher is a reader, consider picking up a bestseller at your local bookstore {or an online retailer} and pair it with a cute bookmark or some hot cocoa, coffee, or tea.

You could even select a favorite book you’ve read that you just know will be a hit!

Need some book ideas? Check out this post I wrote about my favorite books!

Another fun bookish idea? Get them a limited subscription to a book club. I love Book of the Month, The Book Drop, and Once Upon a Book Club. {Warned ya I am a book nerd!}

You could also pick some books to add to the classroom library!

A Relaxation Basket

If there is something that teachers look forward to doing on a break, it’s relaxing! Give them a jumpstart by putting together a bag of goodies! Include a face mask, a hilarious scented candle, and some yummy lotion.

Want to make it easy? Check out this darling ready-made basket!


I absolutely LOVE getting plants from kids! Honestly, as I watch the plant grow I always think of the student who gave it to me! My favorite plants have come from Bouqs and Lively Root.

Another fun idea? A small indoor herb garden!

Food & Treats

Who doesn’t love some yummy goodies sent their way? Swing by your local Crumbl or whip up a batch of your family’s favorite treats.

• Pick your favorite coffee blend and share it with your teacher
• Put together an “In case of emergency kit” and fill it with sweets!

One of the nicest things someone did for me was to organize a lunch each day for a week. It was seriously such a nice break from the same lunches I’m always packing!

One family brought me a special lunch each day from a local restaurant. I felt like such an adult 🙂

Classroom Games

Want to help your teacher with a little classroom planning? Subscribe to Centers in a Snap! It’s the perfect gift your class can chip in together to purchase for your favorite teacher!

Not only does it make planning a little easier for the teacher, your children will also reap the benefits of this gift!

Learn more Math Centers!

Handmade/Thoughtful Gifts

This is probably one of our favorite gifts {which can be perfect to include with one of the other ideas above!} It can be as simple as a thoughtful note from families, a kind gesture such as a morning coffee on the final day before break, or taking over our yard duty {if that’s allowed at your school!}

Ideas from Other Teachers

I asked the question on Instagram and to the Lucky Listers, “What was the best present you received from a student.” Here are a few answers people shared!

Darlene H. on Instagram shared, “Living on a very tight budget didn’t allow for many “luxury” items. So I loved receiving small floral arrangements and seasonal decorative items such as candles and soaps.”

Tanya says, “I ask parents and students to talk about their favorite charity, and instead of getting me a gift, donate to their favorite charity. Some of mine are our community coats for kids, the Humane Society, or anywhere they collect books for children who are underprivileged or in the hospital. Some families to Saint Jude’s, the American Cancer Society, or even the ASPCA.

Teaching children to give to a good cause. It’s something I did with my children. When they were little, they would choose somewhere that I should make a donation instead of one of their gifts. My kids chose the Humane Society, coats for kids, and there’s a horse rescue in southern Ohio, that my youngest daughter always had us make a donation to. Teaching children to give back is far more valuable to me than receiving a gift. Otherwise, I would ask them to make me a Christmas ornament for my tree.”

HOW amazing is that idea! I am definitely starting that this year with Luke at home.

One follower on Instagram shared that a family in her class brought her a Christmas tree when she was having a hard time. Isn’t that such a lovely sentiment?

When selecting a gift for your favorite teacher, consider his/her interests and needs. Personalized or thoughtful gifts often have a more significant impact, as they show you’ve put thought and effort into your choice. But remember that the best gift is one that expresses your gratitude and admiration for their hard work and dedication!

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