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Hooray for St. Patrick’s Day!

If you’ve followed along here for a while, you may know that St. Patrick’s Day is my absolute favorite holiday! All the green and the mischievous little leprechauns – just the best! I’m always proud to be Irish, but especially on St. Patrick’s Day!

I have a few fun books to share with you for this fun holiday {and of course, a couple of FREEBIES!}

Lucky to Be in First How to Catch a Leprechaun

How to Catch a Leprechaun is a brand new St. Patty’s book about…well, catching a leprechaun! It’s a delightful little story and has adorable illustrations! To extend the story, my students will write the steps to catch their leprechaun in this fun little book! I’ve included a few different line variations to fit your students’ needs! My nephew Ryan was kind enough to make this version for me 🙂 He was very excited to share his steps with me!

How to Catch a Leprechaun {FREEBIE}

You could also photocopy the cover onto green paper to mix it up a bit!

How to Catch a Leprechaun FREEBIE
St. Patrick's Day Lucky to Be in First

An oldie, but goodie book is Eve Bunting’s That’s What Leprechauns Do. This story follows three mischevious leprechauns as they travel to add the pot of gold to the end of the rainbow! I’ve added a fun mini-book spin off to get your kiddos using their imagination and adding a little mischief of their own! To make, simply print, fold and complete!

More of What Leprechauns Do Lucky to Be in First
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I hope this adds a little cheer to your St. Patrick’s Day! Oh, and if you need a little extra for St. Patrick’s Day, make sure to check out these Growing Leprehcauns!

a leprechaun with grown hair | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Slainte {which means cheers in Gaelic, by the way!}

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